Help spa and massage practice clients put a ‘pep in their step’ with sunflower oil

It’s not only because they are big and bright yellow that sunflowers got their name. In their bud phase, sunflowers will literally seek out and face the sun, writes Good Housekeeping in “9 Cool Things You Might Not Know About Sunflowers.”  At this time of year, turning to the sun like sunflower is what you may be longing to do as well. However, don’t put away your winter coat just yet. While things are heating up, April weather remains unpredictable and cold weather may still take a final shot before signing off.


However, if you are longing for the sun and your local weather isn’t cooperating, try getting in the mood with sunflower oil. Not only beautiful, sunflowers with their abundance of vitamins offer a variety of healthful benefits. Sunflower Oil contains Vitamin A, which is not only necessary for the repair and maintenance of the skin; medical studies show it helps to reduce lines and wrinkles. It also is rich in Vitamin C providing the skin with antioxidant protection against free radicals that cause premature aging.


The fight against free radicals also gets a boost from Sunflower Oil’s abundant supply of Vitamins D and E. In addition to countering the effects of free radicals, Vitamin D aids skin cell development and repair, and Vitamin E helps the skin maintain moisture.  Sunflower Oil also is a source of Vitamin F or linoleic acid. It’s an Omega-6 essential fatty acid that helps treat skin disorders, like eczema; restores skin damage; and helps maintain smooth, moist skin.


Here’s a treatment that includes BIOTONE Controlled Glide Massage Creme featuring sunflower oil that is sure to get your clients on their feet and ready to greet the sun. The Pep in Your Step is a hip-to-foot treatment routine that utilizes a combination of movement, compression, myofascial release and reflexology to help boost client energy. Watch the video




Controlled-Glide Massage Creme          1 oz

• Marine Therapy Pedi-Balm                   .5 oz




1. Position client on the massage table in a supine position.

2. Perform a gentle rocking compression from the hip to the foot of each leg.

3. Starting at the client’s right hip, apply a 5 second compression just under ASIS. Slowly increase the pressure of the compression. Repeat movement down the entire leg until you reach the foot. Repeat on left leg.

4. Squeeze a nickel size amount of Controlled Glide Massage Creme into the palm of your hand. Rub hands together and then apply creme to client’s right leg from the ankle to the hip.

5. Perform 4 slow effleurage stokes from the knee to the hip, starting at IT band and moving slightly medially with each successive stroke.

6. Perform 4 slow push/pull movements starting at the client’s knee and moving to the hip.

7. Repeat 4 & 5 on the lower leg.

8. Repeat 4 – 7 on the left leg.

9. Have client turn to a prone position.

10. Repeat 3-7 on each posterior leg.

11. Squeeze a dime size amount of Marine Therapy Pedi-Balm into your palm. Rub hands together and apply product to client’s right foot.

12. Using your knuckles, slowly stroke from heal of the foot to the toes.

13. Gently pull each toe.

14. Separate the tissue on the bottom of the foot with the palms of your hands.

15. Apply specific pressure to reflex points along the lateral edge and palm of the foot.

16. Repeat on left foot.


You also can find Sunflower Oil in many other BIOTONE massage therapy and professional spa products to use in a range of client treatments.

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