Start a conversation online to raise visibility for your spa or massage practice


Can we talk? What better way to demonstrate your expertise about spa treatments and massage than having a conversation with a prospect. And the good news is that today with the evolution of social media and its impact on our daily lives, you don’t have to wait to have a face-to-face meeting with someone. You can start a conversation online and engage not only one person but several, all of whom may be potential candidates for your professional services, as well as instrumental in promoting them to others.


You can employ any one of the social media channels you use for your spa or massage practice to start a conversation. Post something new and exciting about skincare or message on Facebook and ask your followers what they think about it. In addition to responding to that, all followers can see; you may get a reply or question that you’d like to respond to in a personal message. From there, a conversation may ensue that will lead to someone new booking an appointment or an existing client adding a treatment to a standing weekly massage.


If you’ve been following someone on Twitter – who might be a candidate for your services or else another professional whose input you find of value – send them a personal message and ask a question, offer an opinion, or share news items you find of interest. Any of them could be the ice breaker that gets a relationship off the ground.


If you are on LinkedIn, you know that the professional groups are an excellent venue for starting and engaging in conversations. You can start a conversation or a debate about a trend or an experience you’ve had in your spa or massage practice and see who responds. If you find someone whose opinion or comments you find of interest, send them a message. That person might be someone who can help open doors to new businesses or partners for joint marketing. In addition to posing a comment or question on one of your social media channels, you also might want to:



If you maintain a blog, a thought-provoking comment or question can generate many discussions and shares, which may attract more people to your website to check out your spa treatments and massage. But don’t limit your publishing to your own blog. Follow other industry bloggers and respond to their posts with your own perspective or additional information that showcases your expertise. Interested readers may want to check out your website or social postings to learn more about you.


Host a podcast

Even if this is something you’ve never done before, it’s not difficult to produce a podcast, which you can link to your website and social media channels and invite followers to listen to and comment. You can interview clients or have a conversation with another professional in the industry who offers complementary services, such as a chiropractor or physical therapist. There are several platforms online for creating and publishing a podcast, such as Podbean.


Create a YouTube video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think of the power of a video. Even a short video highlighting a treatment or trend can encourage conversation among clients and prospects. It doesn’t take a professional crew to create a video that is interesting and educational. You can make one with your smartphone. When you are creating a video, keep it short and think ahead about the results you want. You don’t need 15 minutes of video. A few minutes of you or a client talking into the camera can be compelling with the right message. Also, make sure to include a phone number and/or your website URL at the end with a call to action to call or visit your site to learn more about your spa or massage practice services.


It’s not hard to start the conversation to get people talking to create more interest for your spa or massage practice.


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