Temperature dropping? Let a massage with cocoa butter lift client spirits

The weather outside may be frightful, but inside your spa or massage practice it can be so delightful, especially with the comforting aroma of cocoa in the air. That’s why we created BIOTONE Cocoa-Comfort Massage Balm and Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion with cocoa butter. To help clients ease their mind and also soothe dry winter skin, you’ll want to be sure to include these massage lubricant offerings on your menu during the cold weather.

Apart from its irresistible scent, cocoa butter is the “ultimate moisturizer.” This natural fat derived from the cocoa bean is naturally rich in Vitamin E -- as well as a number of other vitamins and minerals – to help soothe, hydrate, and balance the skin. Vitamin E also assists in the production of collagen, so that it aids in diminishing wrinkles and other signs of aging as well.

Paraben-free Cocoa-Comfort Massage Balm and Lotion also include several other organic ingredients. Avocado Oil, a leading ingredient, softens, soothes and protects the skin due to its high fat content and Vitamin A and C components. Soy Oil contributes to a more radiant skin by helping to even skin tone and texture, and Aloe Vera promotes healing and is soothing to the skin.

Treat your clients to the scents and moisturizing richness of cocoa butter with the delightful Café Brulée Indulgencetreatment.This full body exfoliation uses a decadent sugar body polish made with pure cane sugar, nourishing coconut oil and natural exfoliant seeds in a creamy, thick buttery base.  Use in combination with warm wet towels to slough away dead skin cells, revealing beautiful, radiant, youthful skin. Then cocoon your clients with a silky layer of Cocoa Comfort Massage Balm to hydrate and moisturize.  Finish with a relaxing massage, leaving the skin with a lingering scent of chocolate.




Café Brulée                                                 2 ounces
Cocoa-Comfort Massage Balm              1.5 ounces



2 rubber spa bows

6 warm, moist hand towels





  1. Add 2 ounces of Café Brulée Sugar Body Polish in a rubber spa bowl.
  2. Add 1.5 ounce of Cocoa Comfort Massage Balm in a rubber spa bowl.
  3. Apply 2 ounces of Café Brulée Sugar Body Polish following the BIOTONE protocol* for exfoliation.
  4. Apply Cocoa Comfort Massage Balm in an even layer to each part of the body,*while quickly covering each area with plastic wrap. Cover client with towel to keep warm.
  5. While standing at the head of the table, pull up all layers of sheets, thermal wrap and blankets, cocooning the client.
  6. Allow the client to rest wrapped for 15-20 minutes. This is an ideal time to incorporate a face or foot massage into the treatment.
  7. Remove plastic sheet, and perform a finishing massage treatment with the Cocoa Comfort Massage Balm.

* Follow protocols in BIOTONE Spa Brochure


So let it snow. Your clients will be ready for the cold with soothing cocoa butter.

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