woman with travel pillow

If you are feeling stressed out, you just might want to pack your bags and head out of town.  A study conducted by the Global Commission on Aging, the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and the United States Travel Association found that 89 percent of participants reported that their stress level dropped as soon as they arrived at their destinations. 

But as healthful as getting away from it all may be for your mental and physical well-being (the same study found that the risk of coronary death was 20 percent higher for women who traveled every six years compared to women who vacationed at least twice a year), travel whether by plane, train or automobile can take a toll on your skin. That’s why you want to take particular care of your skin to when you are on the road.

Some tips for traveling to make sure you skin is as fresh as when you are at home are:

Exfoliate before you go: Prior to your trip, especially if it’s a long flight, exfoliate your skin and then apply hydrating and skin replenishing products, advises Gear & Style CheatSheet.

Hydrate often:  The Everygirl blog recommends that especially if you are traveling by plane; make sure to keep your body and skin hydrated since air at high altitudes is very drying.  Drink plenty of water and generously apply your favorite moisturizer. You also might want to consider applying a hydrating mist to lock moisture into the skin.

Avoid puffy eyes:  To reduce under eye puffiness, put ice in a washcloth and place the cloth under your eyes. If you are traveling by car, you may be able to bring along a cooler with ice. Traveling by plane, ask for a cup of ice from the flight attendants.

Treat your lips: It’s not only on planes where the air is dehydrating. Trains and buses also may crank up the heat or air conditioning to cause your lips to feel dry.  Use a lip balm liberally to avoid dehydration, advises WebMD.

Blot out oily skin: WebMD also recommends using blotting or rice papers to dab the “T” zone while you travel to eliminate the shine and excess oil without removing moisture.

Keep makeup at a minimum:  Bazaar says that going a plane with clean, makeup-free skin is always your best bet and it’s even more important if you are on a long flight.  Excessive makeup can result in oil and dead skin cells clogging pores causing blemishes.

Don’t forget sunscreen: Even when on a plane sitting by the window, you are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. You won’t want to forget to apply your sunscreen. As part of The TrueResults Skincare line, you’ll find ultra-sheer and fragrance-free Sunblock SPF 50.  Complete with zinc oxide True Results Sunblock is specifically designed to replenish skin moisture while providing daily protection from environmental elements that cause sun damage. The light texture cream with a silky smooth feel applies invisibly and dries to a matte finish for the perfect under makeup application.

Whenever and wherever you go, enjoy yourself and follow these simple steps for a healthy, radiant looking skin.