Shake Things Up at your Spa or Massage Practice as you Ring in the New Year


As the New Year gets underway, will it be out with the old and in with the new at your spa or massage practice? Or will things be just about the same? Not that you’d ever want to change anything that customers love and attract new business. Still, there’s always room for improvement, and what better time to “shake things up” then at the New Year.

You may have several ideas to make changes or expand your services and even retail offerings. However, if you’re not sure what direction to go, here are some ways to get the ideas flowing:


Ask Clients

What better way to find out about new offerings than to ask the folks directly affected by them. Whether you ask clients directly during a session at your spa or massage practice or conduct an email survey, get input.


Brainstorm with Your Team

No doubt your team has a lot of ideas for improvements and new offerings. Get everyone together – if possible at an offsite lunch or dinner – to let the ideas flow. Beforehand, you might want to set up some guidelines for the types of ideas you want to generate. Once your team comes up with a list and chooses the priorities, assign a few people to explore how to put them in motion. If you plan to expand your massage services, some of your employees may need additional training. If you want to offer a new retail product line, another person may need to go online or make calls to explore options and get pricing.


Turn to Resources

Associates, suppliers, and other professionals you do business with can be a great source of ideas for your spa or massage practice. Those in the spa or massage market may be aware of trends reshaping the market. By talking to people outside the industry, you may get ideas adapted to your business. If you’ve been letting the industry magazines pile up, now is a good time to catch up. You can get a lot of ideas from professionals who write for or contribute to the magazine. Also, take time to attend industry conferences if you haven’t been in a while. It’s a great way to catch up on the market.


Find an Inspiring Spot

Some places inspire imagination and creative thinking. It may be a spot near your house – the beach or a forested hiking trail - or an hour or two away. Try to get away for a few hours or longer to unwind and let the ideas flow.


Take Some Time Off

It may be difficult to take a vacation during holidays, but try to take some time off soon after. Even a few days away to let your mind focus on new things and unleash new ideas, and have the time to consider how you’d like to implement changes. You’re probably so busy during the week that even when you get a great idea for something new, you don’t have the time to figure out how you’d make it happen.


Complacency is never good. You don’t have to get radical but open the door to change and watch how your business grows.

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