Use the Power of the Pen and Write thank-you notes for your Spa or Massage Practice


Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and your spa or massage practice clients are no exception. While you can convey your thanks for their business with occasional specials and discounts, don’t overlook the power of a handwritten thank-you note. In today’s highly socially networked and mobile world where you can dash off a message or text in no time at all, a thank-you note can set your business apart.


You don’t need to limit your thank-you notes to clients either. You may want to thank a vendor for their ongoing on-time delivery or special pricing of products professional or retail. Possibly you want to thank a business associate – for example, someone you co-market your services with – or someone from a professional organization who has helped spread the word about your services.


In all cases, writing a note makes the recipient feel appreciated and, in turn, even more, inclined to want to do business with you. Because of this simple gesture, you and your business will long be remembered by the recipient, and that can lead to repeat business and referrals, potential partners, or even business advice when you need it.


A Business Note should include the following:
  • A greeting that includes the recipient’s name
  • A few lines thanking the recipient for their business or service or help in some other way
  • Indicate how much their business or help means to your spa or massage practice
  • Include a call to action. You could offer a discount for the next service or a special gift with a retail purchase regarding clients. In the case of other business associates, you may want to invite
  • them to lunch or coffee as a way to saying thanks.
  • End your note with sincerely or best regards and sign it.
Boost Branding

As part of your branding effort, you have specially created a thank-you notes card with your spa or massage practice logo printed on the card and the envelope. If it’s not too costly, try to print notes using your company colors.


Keep a Calendar

Send out thank-you cards in conjunction with other special days. They can include client anniversaries and birthdays, special days such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and national Holidays like July 4 and Thanksgiving.


In business and life, sometimes saying thank you is all it takes to create a strong bond. Thank-you notes make the gesture even more memorable.


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