Why you want to put yourself in your Spa and Massage Practice Marketing

Driving the marketing efforts for your spa or massage is not the same thing as putting yourself front and center in the activities. After all, your clients and prospects want to know who the person is behind by the sign on the door. Your drive, enthusiasm and values all are part of what sets your business apart. That’s why you want to get personal in your marketing and let clients and prospects get to know you. Doing so can build long-term relationships with clients and help you get through the occasional misunderstandings that may come up.

Putting yourself in your marketing starts by communicating your vision and mission for your spa or massage practice. Your website homepage provides a great opportunity to convey what your business is all about and aim to achieve on behalf of clients. You also want to include these messages in profiles on social media channels.

Here are other ways to let your clients get to know you:

  • Be Social

    Social media provides a convenient way to keep clients up to date on your products and services. But don’t stop there. Include posts that focus on your personal interests and your thoughts on new product offerings and different body treatments and massage. Include posts that focus on other members of your team so that clients and prospects get to know them as well.

  • Follow-up with First-time Clients

    Get in touch with every first-time appointment to extend your thanks and get input that can help in the next visit. Whether you connect by email or phone, make sure to mention other services that will benefit the client.

  • Be an Educator

    Think of yourself not only as a practitioner but also as an educator when it comes to your client’s well-being. Expand the conversation to discuss how to continue treatments in between appointments with at-home products, diet, exercise, relaxation techniques and ergonomics when it comes to work environments.

  • Check-in with Clients

    Call clients after a massage, especially if they were in pain, to see how they are doing. A personal call shows you care.

  • Get involved in the Community

    Participate in community activities and charitable events that are meaningful to you. Involvement can provide an opportunity to interact with clients outside of your spa or massage practice. Be sure to include information about your participation in such events in your social media posts on your website and even in signage in your spa or massage practice. You may be able to get clients involved in causes you support.

  • Acknowledge Special Occasions

    Clients appreciate it when you remember important days in their lives – a birthday or anniversary or the graduation of a child or even grandchild. Send off a personal note conveying your best wishes. You may want to include a special discount or offer a retail product as a gift.

By putting yourself into your marketing efforts, you stand out from the competition. You become more than a service provider; you become a partner in your client’s health and wellness.

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