New Year Resolutions, 2012 Business Plans and Taking it on with Zest


Over the years, I have dedicated myself to being an effective therapist for Active Aging Adults. I have now reached the point my books are consistently full, and if I’m going to continue to expand, I need to fine-tune. As most of you know, it’s easy for this type of intense work to become out of balance. I love it and would never give it up, so this year my focus is on incorporating Zest into my life and practice.


Zest is to make an experience more enjoyable by adding excitement or interest to it. Business Plan 2012 - Move Zestful Therapeutic Spa to center stage.


What do Zest and Spa have to do with each other? As you can imagine, my definition of Spa has evolved over the last 20 years. Recently I entered a contest on Facebook for Happy First. They were asking, “What kind of chick are you?” Naturally, I suggested Spa Chick. Friends, Spa Chick, made the top ten, and I was asked to write a brief definition, pick a charity that will benefit if my idea has the most votes, and suggest a logo idea since they will add the winners to their shirt line.


I want to share with you what turned out to be my 2012 Opus.


SPA is about Wellness

SPA is actually the acronym for the Latin” Sanitas Per Agua,” which means health thru the water. I believe that water is the most elemental building block in creating a lifestyle that pursues wellbeing. It is vital to prioritize drinking it in, sweating it out, seeking it in nature, and immersing in it.


SPA is about Renewal of Relationships

I love that we use spas and spa parties as a chance to connect with ourselves and those around us. There are so many great stories of friends going together and sharing in the experience of restoration and revitalization. Couples often find that “spa-ing” together with a wonderful renewal for their relationship. And most importantly, when we think of spending time with ourselves, spa treatments seem a perfect choice to rejuvenate without feeling lonely.


SPA is about Nurturing Ourselves and Others

The primary components of the spa are things we incorporate every day without realizing it. For example, when you offer a cup of hot tea to a friend who is overwhelmed, it’s herbal therapy; when your child is out of sorts, so you run them a relaxing bath, it’s water therapy; when you hug someone who is down, it’s touch therapy and when you wake your family up on the weekend with the smell of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls and coffee, that my friends are aromatherapy.


A SPA CHICK is someone who takes an active role in her own vitality, enjoys joyful relationships, and cherishes themselves and those around them. 2012 is my year to embrace the Spa Chick inside me. By doing so, I can’t help but fall smack dab in the middle of Zest.


Here is to Time Well Spent and Life Well Lived.

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