Mobile Solutions that are “App Propriate” for Your Spa or Massage Practice

If you are like most Americans, your mobile phone is a constant companion. Americans check their phones 344 times per day, which averages out to once every four minutes. [1]  Whether checking texts or emails, keeping up to date on the news, making a purchase or engaging in social media, our cell phones are indispensable for getting through daily activities.

Our cell phone dependency raises the question, are you using your mobile device to help run your spa or massage practice, improve client relations, and enhance your professional capabilities? There is a wealth of mobile apps developed specifically for the needs of spa owners and managers and massage therapists, which are worth considering for more business efficiency and industry education. Here is just a small sampling of apps to give you an idea of what’s available:

Scheduling and administration enables you to organize your tasks, lists and reminders and seamlessly syncs across all of your devices. It also provides smart reminders so you won’t forget something you need to do. The basic version is free. There also is a range of monthly plan options with premium features. You can cancel anytime. (

Booksy Biz is a monthly subscription-based app that enables new and existing clients to see what services you offer and schedule appointments directly from their phone.  You’ll get notifications when new appointments are scheduled.  (

Vagaro is scheduling and management software, which includes features for customer tracking, marketing and even reports and payroll. A mobile version enables you to manage your business from anywhere and gives clients an easy way to self-check in.  Like Booksy, Vagaro is a monthly subscription-based plan, but offers a free trial. (

Intake and client tracking

GoCanvas is an example of a client intake app to facilitate collecting and saving important client information. It offers a feature for capturing a photo of the client to attach to the record. Having a client photo helps you suggest treatments and massage when clients schedule new appointments. A free trial enables you to try GoCanvas before choosing a monthly plan that works best for your business needs. (

Massage Therapists Notebook, which runs on iOS, provides a way for you to quickly spot massage therapy trends and remind you about needs or issues relative to each client. It enables you to keep track of locations on the client’s body where there are injuries, tightness, tenderness or other issues raised during client interviews or therapy sessions. Locations are marked by multi-colored stones.  You can purchase Massage Therapists Notebook in the App Store. (

Educational development and professional resources

Massage Techniques offers 130 massage techniques, 13 massage routines and an anatomy section with a 3D model of the bones and muscles. Each technique includes a video demonstration, a still image, and a text description. You can view techniques by body area or alphabetically. The app is available for purchase on the App Store or Google Play.   (

Skeletal Anatomy 3D is a complete tool to explore the skeletal system, enabling you to learn the structure that you want to see and learn with the diagrams, 3D images and explanations. The app also features also a speed quiz 3D with 140 bones and landmark locations. The app is available for purchase on the App Store or Google Play. (

Muscle Premium is a detailed guide to understanding how muscles and bones interact and how common injuries and conditions occur. You can trial the app for free for 7 days before purchase. (

With so many apps available to help you learn and run your business, why not give one or more a try to keep your spa or massage practice on the go.


[1] Wheelwright, Trevor, “2022 Cell Phone Usage Statistics: How Obsessed Are We?” January 24, 2022.