Marketing to millennials changes the rules of engagement

When it comes to marketing your spa or massage practice, one size does not fit all when trying to appeal to different generations. While marketing campaigns can include globally appealing messages, you need to understand the different values of each generation and adjust your programs and materials as you reach out to the various groups.

Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, seek personalization and customization of treatments generally geared to anti-aging, health and wellness. On the other hand, Gen Xers, who were born between 1965 and 1976 during the early stages of the “tech era” are very much interested in how things work. They tend to be among the more skeptical of consumers believing that actions speak louder than words. They want solutions and proof that something will produce desired results.

That’s brings us to millennials, the generation born between roughly 1980 and 2000. Estimates place the millennial generation at 80 million strong, representing one quarter of the U.S. population. Among this generation, experience is everything; and the more personalized and powerful, the better. A survey conducted last year by PwC found that 52% of consumers 18 to 34 are spending on experience-related purchases such as travel and entertainment, versus 39% among older shoppers. 

Such findings indicate that that there could be a significant opportunity in reaching out to this experience-seeking millennial generation about massage therapy treatments. Furthermore, this generation might be ripe for a way to counteract stress and anxiety. The American Psychological Association found that millennials stress more than any other generation.

Connect the digital dots

In order to reach the generation that is considered the most digitally connected, you need to employ technology to reach them and that means getting active with social media. Have a presence on Twitter and Facebook where you can provide up-to-date information on news and health and your treatments. Use Pinterest or Instagram to upload and present photos of your spa or massage practice and your massage techniques. You also may want to maintain a blog to discuss some of the trends in health and wellness. Provide links to blog posts via your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Create compelling content

Rule number one about content development to reach millennials is “don’t sell.” Blatant advertising will only cause your millennial audience to distrust you. Use content to educate, entertain, and enlighten and always provide value.  

Align with a cause

Give back to the community. Millennials are attracted to businesses and brands that align with causes and so will be more interested in your spa or massage practice you if give back to the community, donate or volunteer to a cause. Get involved and talk about your efforts on social media. Also showcase your volunteerism on your website.

Go mobile

Mobile is an imperative for this generation. You’ll want to make sure your website is optimized for mobile viewing. You also may want to consider creating an app so that booking appointments and ordering retail products is “at clients fingertips” wherever they are. If you want to employ text marketing, make sure that you keep messages at 160 characters so you don’t try to convey too much information in one.  It’s also best to focus on one point per SMS and make it compelling. And keep in mind that per the FCC, you only can text to clients who have agreed to opt in to receive your messages. You can collect the signature electronically through email, website forms, kiosk, text messaging and so forth.  Clients also can opt in by texting a keyword to your short code to give you permission.

Reviews matter

Millennials value opinions of their peers in making decisions. In that regard, they turn to social media to see what friends have to say. Monitor your online reviews frequently and address any concerns or issues that come up.

Millennials are changing the rules of engagement when it comes to buying from businesses and brands. Follow their lead if you want to attract this new consumer.

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