It's okay to let your business go to the dogs


We're an enormously animal passionate company. We love animals here at BIOTONE. We take great pride in the fact BIOTONE has never tested products on animals, which I believe can also be said of many of the other manufacturers in the industry. We also love to hear stories from our customers who include animal massage - a growing field - as one of their specialties.


Since in the U.S. people do love their pets, you can strengthen your bonds with your clients by letting them know that you care about pets, too. You have an opportunity to strengthen client bonds by conveying your own animal caring message.March 23 marks National Puppy Day. It's a holiday that was established to raise awareness of puppies in shelters and rescue organizations all over the country and their need for a 'forever home.' National Puppy Day could be just the holiday to run a special promotion that celebrates your clients' love of their own family dogs or cats, and conveys the enormous benefits of pet companionship for healing and soothing, which is well documented. The benefits are very similar to some benefits we get from massage therapy!


You might want to provide your client with a small gift if they bring in a photo of their own dog - or cat if you want to make the make the most of the message. The gift could be for the client, or even a special gourmet treat for the pet. You could post the photos in your reception room to add to the already warm and welcoming feeling. Or you might want to run a special raffle for a free treatment with the money going to support one of your local shelters or rescue groups.


I'm sure it won't be difficult to come up with a fun promotion that reminds everyone how important our pets are to our lives and our psychic wellbeing. Feel free to share your ideas here. Go ahead, let your business go to the dogs a little. It'll do a world of good.