Enhancing Prevention with Pampering

The spa industry has traditionally been known for the P word - pampering. There is a strong shift in the industry towards another P word - prevention. The goal is to meld the two thoughtfully so that each part of the combination enhances the other. As a neuromuscular therapist, my challenge was to add the pampering element to the prevention focus I already provide.


One of the most successful ways I have found is to offer a spa club membership where I create the spa. This is an affordable and creative way for clients to participate and experiment with these added value spa treatments. Each one supports the work I already provide with a wonderful nurturing facet. You sell it as a package for one price. Members will receive one of each of the listed treatments in conjunction with a regular massage or facial session.


Here are some suggested items for the packageSpa Club Upgrade available with every session:

Full Body Brushing Custom blended massage medium
  • Comp sore muscle aromatherapy wrap --------------------- Max value $35.00
  • Comp torso treatment -------------------------------------------- Max value $35.00
  • Comp foot treatment ---------------------------------------------- Max value $35.00
  • Comp hot oil scalp massage ----------------------------------- Max value $35.00
  • Comp hand and foot hot oil aromatherapy treatment --- Max value $35.00
  • Comp detoxifying salt glow ------------------------------------- Max value 35.00


Terms and conditions:

  • Card must be presented to receive offers listed
  • Identify yourself as a Spa Club Member when booking
  • One card per person
  • Additional certificates may be purchased as gifts only
  • Max two comp services a day

To further support the benefits you can co-market with a wellness provider such as a Yoga and Pilates studios. Enjoy.


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