Help Your Clients Chill Out

As an NMT I am always focused on results, but as a business person I am also focused on orchestrating a great client experience. One of my favorite tools in my tool box is Polar Lotion. It contains menthol, which is used as a counterirritant to combat muscle soreness and respiratory distress symptoms.
Here are just a few of my summer protocols that help my clients "chill out":


Release - headache protocol: massage the Polar Lotion into the neck and shoulders, finishing with a minute amount applied in circular stokes on the temples (keep away from eyes).


Revive - scalp protocol: distribute a small amount of product on your fingertips and briskly rub it onto the scalp (not the hair). Male clients particularly love this extra step - and talk about invigorating!


Relief - respiratory protocol: conclude a sinus acupressure and lymphatic massage with an application of Polar Lotion on the neck, shoulders, and temples, and then work it into the sternum. This allows the menthol to continue to relieve the symptoms long after clients have left your treatment room.


Refresh - foot protocol: begin with heat application on the feet; proceed with hot stone work, deep tissue massage, or reflexology; and finish up with the Polar Lotion. The heat will soften the muscles and the contrast of the cooling action will help create a circulatory pumping action and leave the client refreshed. After years of use, my clients associate the comforting menthol smell and cooling feel of Polar Lotion with me, and ultimately with relief.

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