Giving Back Through the Senses


This is the season of giving and what better time than now to evaluate how we give back daily. In doing so I realized that my most consistent gift hands down is aromatherapy. Which is kind of surprising since I am not an aroma therapist, I am a restorative massage therapist who uses essential oils as a modality to support wellness. It is easy to be generous when all it takes is a little knowledge, a few oils and really good listening skills.


Sometimes it is the littlest things that spark inspiration. For example, the other day during a session my client was talking about how stressed she was about her dog who was suffering miserably with grass allergies. As she was getting dressed, I blended a calming spray for the dog (and owner). She was incredibly touched. Come to think of it maybe the real gift wasn't the lavender and water spray, but the evidence that I listened and cared.


Recently I was asked about using aromatherapy on clients with sensitive skin. There are strategies for custom blending but my advice is to keep it simple and use hypoallergenic bases and products. I love, love, love BIOTONE's Relaxing Therapeutic Massage Creme for my sensitive clients. Just read the product description... it's a match made in heaven. Did I mention I loved it?


If you need an even safer option, utilize an unscented hypoallergenic massage medium on the client and depend on aroma room mists to provide the benefits of aromatherapy.


I consider sharing my information as a way to give back to those who were generous with me. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.


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