Getting Down to Essentials: Red Mandarin aka Tangor


Are you looking for an essential oil to add to client treatments that are uplifting and blend well with other essential oils? Red Mandarin Essential Oil just might be the answer. The popularity of this essential oil comes from its sweet, soothing, and mild aroma.  But even more than its scent, Red Mandarin Essential Oil has several healthful benefits.


Mandarins are citrus fruits, also known as Mandarin oranges or Tangerines. That’s why Red Mandarin Essential Oil is also called Tangor or Tangerine Essential Oil. Native to China, where they were given as gifts to the Mandarins, which was the name given to Chinese officials under the king, Mandarin plants eventually were transported to Europe. Today Italy is one of the largest producers of Mandarin Oil.[1]


One of the major constituents of Red Mandarin Essential Oil is Limonene, a chemical found in the peel of citrus plants and is used today as a natural treatment for various health issues. It has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress, and possibly disease-preventing properties.[2] Other elements of Red Mandarin Essential Oil include gamma-Terpinene, which has a role as an antioxidant;[3]  A-Pinene and B-Pinene anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties; and B-Myrcene, whose various medical benefits include improved sleep and muscle relaxation, as well as anti-inflammatory and antimutagenic effects. [4]


Healthful benefits

Red Mandarin Essential Oil helps ease stress and anxiety. For clients suffering from anxiety, offer them an aromatherapy massage using Red Mandarin Essential Oil.


In addition to its relaxing and calming qualities, Red Mandarin Essential Oil also improves blood and lymph circulation, particularly below the skin. This helps keep the skin rejuvenated and looking young. Improved circulation also creates warmth and helps reduce the pain from rheumatism and arthritis.[5] Another popular use of Red Mandarin Essential Oil is to help diminish stretch marks and other skin blemishes.[6] Lastly, Red Mandarin Essential Oil blends well with members of the citrus family, spice, and herb oils like coriander seed and fennel, patchouli, pine, and ylang-ylang.[7]


You’ll find Red Mandarin in the following BIOTONE products:


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