Get every Appointment


A few years ago I started using an online scheduler to book my massage appointments and I LOVE IT! I have a busy appointment schedule so I can't always answer my phone when clients call.Without a doubt I have lost money in the past because my voicemail can't schedule appointments for me!


Now I have added a message to my voicemail letting clients know they can go online, pay for and schedule their own appointments. I also added a "book now" button to my web site so clients who find me via an internet search can create a profile and schedule appointments with me.


My system is fully customizable, so I get to decide when and how clients can schedule. I use a paid scheduler, but there are free versions available too. It's worth your time to visit several online scheduling provider sites to determine which one is most appropriate for your particular business needs. Most providers even offer a 30 day trial or a demo site allowing you to play with the system.


Some of the cool features available:

  • Setup for multiple locations (typically for an additional cost)
  • Ability to customize your availability
  • Credit card processing
  • Email and text message appointment reminders for clients
  • Email and text notification when new appointments are booked
  • Social Media integration
  • Reporting features

After typing "Massage Online Scheduling" in Google I found 15 scheduling service providers that claim to be appropriate for massage therapists, ranging in price from free to $100 a month. Some offer scheduling services for a flat rate, while others offer a basic service with add-ons at an additional cost.


Two free services ( and both seem very promising and easy to use, although neither have the range of services many of the for cost providers offer.


There were several for cost scheduling services that were easy to navigate, attractive and affordable, specifically MindbodyOnline, BookingCalendar and Schedulicity.


Since there are so many options, you should pick one that suits your budget and business needs. The free scheduling services offer great convenience for both you and your clients, while the for cost services offer additional tools to manage your business. Either way, online scheduling makes your services more accessible to current and potential clients.