Getting Down to Essentials: Geranium Oil


If for no other reason, spa and massage therapy clients will love Geranium Oil because of its sweet, floral scent. But that is just the beginning of the many benefits of the oil extracted through steam distillation of the stems and leaves from the lovely flowering Geranium plant.   The use of Geranium Oil goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, who used the oil to enhance skin and hair.

Today, the oil continues to be popular for fighting wrinkles and sagging skin. With its astringent properties, Geranium Oil induces contractions, tightening facial skin, and minimizing wrinkles' appearance. Also, because of its astringent properties, Geranium Oil helps to prevent muscles and skin from sagging. It is also popular for giving hair a vibrant glow owing to its abundance of amino acids.

In addition to its use on skin and hair, Geranium Essential Oil is considered beneficial to balance hormones, relieve stress and depression, and reduce inflammation. Specifically, here is how Geranium Essential Oil helps:

Detoxify:  With its antioxidant properties, Geranium Essential Oil is thought to improve immune function to prevent allergies and other conditions that may result from unhealthy cell growth.

Prevent inflammation:  Geranium Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce inflammation associated with several conditions such as arthritis and even heart disease.  It also may help to reduce swelling in joints. Dr. Axe points out that a study conducted in 2013 found that Geranium Essential Oil is a safer and more effective anti-inflammatory medication ingredient.

Regenerate cells: Geranium essential oil helps to revitalize cells.  It promotes the removal of old cells and helps to form new cells. Because it has cicatrisant properties – the skin's ability to repair itself after an injury – Geranium Oil helps fade skin scars and blemished over time.

Lift the spirits:  Geranium Oil can lift the spirits and enhance positive emotions. It is used to alleviate depression and control mood swings.  Its natural sedative properties are used to calm the body and mind and help with insomnia.

Speeds healing:  Geranium Oil is considered a vulnerary, which means it speeds up healing. It can speed up the healing of wounds, cuts, and incisions.

These are just some of Geranium Oil's benefits, which can be used for topical and aromatic applications. It is considered a middle note when blending with other oils, acting as an enhancer and equalizer. Angelica, Bergamot, Basil, Cedarwood, Lavender,  Orange, Lemon, and Rosemary Oil are some of the oils that blend well with Geranium Oil.

Your clients can enjoy the benefits of Geranium Oil with BIOTONE’s Geranium Rose Essential Oil.

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