Focus on the Positive, Eliminate the Negative and Watch your Business Grow


You've got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don't mess with mister in-between. That song may not be familiar to all of you, but this old song is a favorite of mine because that's how I view running my business. In fact, most successful business owners I've met share this view. Running your business is not a 9 to 5 commitment. It takes heart and soul (another favorite melody of mine) and a firm belief that you will succeed. When the forces surrounding you are adding too much stress, creating too much conflict, undermining your confidence, or getting in the way of achieving your goals, you need to make a change, even if that means sacrificing some near term financial gain.


I've found time and time again when I let go of the things that are getting me down, and positive things start to happen. Call it the law of attraction or Karma. I can't say with certainty why things start to fall into place when you have a positive frame of mine, but they do. It may be that once you rid yourself of the negative energy, your mind is clearer to focus, and you can make the right decisions that move you toward your goal.


That's why, difficult as it may be, you may have to make some changes regarding the people you do business with. It doesn't matter if they are clients, partners, affiliates, or service providers. If someone is causing you stress, sapping your energy, or in some way disrupting your business, it's far better to let them go no matter how challenging the economy seems these days.


When it's Time to Say Goodbye

If a client or business associate is constantly trying to renegotiate your fee, it may not be worth continuing the relationship. You provide a highly professional and valued service and should be paid what you are worth.


Constructive criticism is not the same thing as chronic complaining. Even subtle but frequent criticisms from anyone you do business with maybe an effort to undermine or invalidate your professionalism.


If your client is chronically late, it creates problems for other clients. It's upsetting to show up for an appointment on time and have to wait because the previous client wasn't.


You want wonderful, appreciative clients, and you want associates that enhance your business. Don't be afraid to say goodbye to people who are wrong for your business. The right people will find their way to your door.


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