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Are you planning to roll out the red carpet for dads this coming Father’s Day at your spa or massage practice? While Father’s Day spa outings may not historically present your business with the significant opportunity that Mother’s Day does, the times are changing. This is particularly true when it comes to massage. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) notes that in July 2015, 19 percent of women and 16 percent of men reported having a massage in the previous 12 months. Relief from stress is one of the leading factors driving men – and women – to seek massage, according to the AMTA. Between July 2014 and July 2015, 33 percent of massage consumers had a massage for relaxation/stress reduction.

The popularity of spa treatments is growing beyond massage, as well. Like their female counterparts, today's men want to maintain a young and healthy appearance and so are embracing restorative and cleansing services. Increasingly, popular treatments for men include facials and manicures, and pedicures. Many also want body wraps and scrubs to look their best.

Marketing tips

To boost Father’s Day business at your spa or massage practice, consider the following marketing activities:

Online activities:

  • Get your social media followers thinking about dad and ask them to offer a fond memory of time spent with their father during childhood.
  • Drive traffic to your website where followers can book appointments for their dads or other special men in their life and/or buy a gift certificate for a treatment.
  • Promote special retail products on your social pages.

Ongoing promotion

  • Offer a discounted service for special treatment or massage for dads during the week before Father’s Day.
  • Publicize promotions with signage in your waiting area, by a reception, and in the retail section of your spa or massage practice.
  • Mention specials in a monthly newsletter if you have one, online and a special email marketing campaign.
  • Find out what your local newspaper is doing about Father’s Day and offer some suggestions for dads' spa treatments.


Special treatment

Here’s a treatment that is sure to “score” with dads. The On-Par Pressure Point Back Treatment is a combination of skin treatment and massage that is a perfect Father’s Day gift for the active man who also wants to get his skin into shape. It begins with sports back scrub followed by a targeted application of warmed Black Baltic Body Mud to detoxify, soothe and relax sore muscles.



Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow                                        1 oz                                         

Black Baltic Body Mud                                    1 oz                                         

Replenishing Light Massage Oil                      1 oz                                         

Detoxifying Customizing Complex                  20 drops                     




6 golf balls

3 rubber spa bowls

9 warm, moist hand towels




1.      Mix 1 ounce of Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow with 10 drops of Detoxifying Customizing Complex in a rubber spa bowl.

2.      Mix 1 ounce of Black Baltic Body Mud with 10 drops of Detoxifying Customizing Complex in a rubber spa bowl.

3.      Warm product before application

4.      Apply Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow to the client’s back, alternating large and small strokes.

5.      Remove Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow with a warm, moist hand towel

6.      Apply Black Baltic Body Mud to the lower back, moving to mid-back, then upper back

7.      Cover back with plastic wrap and 3 hot, moist hand towels with a folded thermal blanket on top, leaving the legs exposed from mid-thigh down. Hydrocollator can be used in place of hot towels.

8.      Conduct a massage on the legs, using warmed golf balls and Replenishing Light Massage Oil. The massage should be 8-10 minutes on each leg.

9.      Remove the Black Baltic Body Mud with the hot, moist hand towels on the back.

10.  Complete the treatment with a massage on the back, shoulders, and neck using warmed golf balls and Replenishing Light Massage Oil. The massage should be approximately 15 minutes.

Treatment ideas