woman with face mask on

If you want a spa-like experience but don’t have the time or budget for one then you’ll definitely want to add facial masks to your at-home beauty regimen. Facial masks aid in toning and firming skin and also help other skin care products absorb better. And there are many facial masks on the market and even ones that you can make yourself at home, so regardless of your age or skin type, there’s a facial mask to fit your needs.


Specifically, here are several reasons you’ll want to incorporate facial masks into your skin care:


  • Masks deeply penetrate:  No matter how well you cleanse your skin, excess oils and dirt can remain on and underneath the surface. Masks help to draw out oils and debris and remove the buildup of dead skin cells. When you remove all that debris, you unclog pores. Since pores enlarge when they become clogged, unclogging them will make them appear smaller.  Regular use of facial masks help to keep the surface of your skin clear, which can make it look healthier and glowing.


  • Aid hydration:  Water from a facial mask penetrates into the skin. Hydrated skin enables better absorption by other skincare toning, moisturizing and protecting products, so that they work more efficiently.


  • Even out skin tone:  Depending on the ingredients, facial masks can help lighten dark spots to give skin more even tone and texture.


  • Firm skin: Some face masks help mitigate lines, wrinkles and loose skin to provide with a softer smoother skin texture.



Also applying a face mask has the additional benefit of aiding relaxation. While the mask is doing its work; you can settle back and de stress.


Get the most from your mask


There are a number of masks, including those you make at home from natural ingredients, (You can find many recipes for homemade masks online.) to use.  Choose one that is most appropriate for your skin type and skincare objectives.  For best results, use a mask at least once a week.


Regardless of what face mask you use, first want to wash your face to remove any makeup, dirt or oil to avoid them further penetrating into your skin. Also exfoliate before applying a mask.  Exfoliating removes dead skin cells to help the mask absorb better.



Face masks and retinol products


While face masks have lots of benefits, you’ll want to consider the added advantages of using them along with retinol products.  Products such as True Results Retinol Active Skincare achieve their anti-aging results by protecting skin from free radicals and prompting surface skin cells to turn over and die rapidly so that new skin cells can grow. Retinols also slow down the breakdown of collagen, the protein in skin that gives it strength and durability.





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