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In the last blog, I promised you some creative ideas to add to your torso treatments.  Many of my favorites are nature-inspired or a modern interpretation of an indigenous tradition. All in all, it’s a great way to introduce clients to some modalities.


Sticks and Stones: Incorporating warm and cold stones is probably not a new concept to you.  But imagine chasing these stones over the back.  That’s the process of following a hot stone with a cold stone to facilitate vasodilatation and vasoconstriction.  It’s a great way to stimulate circulation and will leave the client surprisingly relaxed.   I personally like starting at C-7 and creating a pattern of butterfly wings over the entire back, followed up with a figure eight. 

Bamboo sticks are another creative and fun way to mix it up.  To be honest with you, before the introduction of these fun tools, I used those miniature souvenir bats you get from the ballpark.  The rolling and rocking is a great way to coax muscles into a compliant state.

Herbal balls are filled with different combinations and are a great way to provide a world fusion aspect. These are warmed aromatic bundles that help transport your client to a different experience.  They are easy to work with and only require steaming (rice steamer, for example) and offer compression.  Perfect for the Torso.


Customizing:  using the basics, you can make each session unique to the client’s priorities.  I’ve often said it before, but I’ll repeat it…Invest in the Biotone Spa Complexes. You have five choices from the Therapeutic line Detoxify, Sore Muscle Relief, Relaxing, Firming, and Uplifting.  Then you have the Signature line that can be linked to the seasons (another hot trend) Autumn – Cranberry and Pomegranate   Winter – Milk and Honey   Spring- Green Tea and Lime Leaf    Summer -  Mango and Mandarin with Lavender and Calendula for all year long.


Farm to Market:  One of my favorite ways to upgrade the exfoliation stage of treatment is to utilize natural products, especially citrus.  Oranges, lemon, and limes, cut in half, are a great way to manipulate the exfoliation medium.  They smell wonderful and provide an exotic experience for the client to talk about.  Small amounts of fresh organic herbs can be added to a salt glow for an appealing and reframing change.  

In addition to enhancing the client’s experience, these suggestions give you the therapist an opportunity to be creative. These localized treatments are a great way to introduce your clients to the benefits of full-body treatments for a real therapeutic option.  


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