How Clients Engage with your Spa or Massage Practice on Facebook


Not yet on Facebook? Your spa or massage practice may be missing out on business if you aren’t. G/O Digital, a marketing solution for small businesses, recently conducted a survey of 1000 consumers age 18-29 in which 62 percent of the respondents said that Facebook is the most useful social network for researching products and services before visiting a small business. The use of Facebook before making a purchase considerably outpaced the use of other social sites, including Pinterest at 12 percent, Twitter at 11 percent, and Instagram at 9 percent.


Among the businesses most likely consumers to engage with on Facebook are restaurants – cited by 38 percent of respondents. Beauty/spa and training businesses tied for second place at 14 percent each.


Consumers Rely on Reviews

Consumers indicated the importance of Facebook reviews to help in their decision making. Among respondents, 41 percent said they care about reading customer reviews and ratings for small businesses, and 19 percent care most about seeing featured products from businesses.


Furthermore, 80 percent said they are more likely to purchase products or services in-store if there are positive customer reviews on a company’s website – mobile or traditional – or Facebook page.


Popular Facebook Marketing Tactics

When it comes to Facebook marketing tactics ‘most likely’ to influence consumers to visit the website of small/local business, respondents indicated their preference for:


  • 38 percent - Facebook offers that can be redeemed at a local store
  • 12 percent – Promoted posts and photos/videos that encourage consumers to choose their favorite products, styles, colors
  • 11 percent – Sweepstakes, quizzes, and polls
  • 10 percent – Loyalty app promotions and photo/video contests
  • 9 percent – Sponsored stories


Keep Facebook Fans Engaged

Reviews and contests are popular with Facebook fans. Here are some other ways for your Facebook fans engaged in driving more business to your spa or massage practice:


Vary Content

images and videos are clearly popular, so use them often, even when they aren’t part of a contest or promotion. Podcasts also can be an effective way to tell your clients about your services or provide tips and ‘how-to’ information on health, diet, skincare, and relaxation.


Keep Current

Be a resource for your clients on skincare and massage industry trends. You can offer articles, post facts and figures, and include quotes and comments from industry leaders.


Ask for Input

If you are considering offering a new product or service, ask your fans for input. You might want to find out how they would use the offerings and the specific results they expect.


Facebook can be integral to your marketing program. If you aren’t already on the site and active, now may be the time.

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