Lavender Essential Oil


Looking for something to help soothe the senses? Look no further than lavender.  The Romans added lavender to their bath water because of its calming and relaxing fragrance.  In fact, the Latin word for wash is lavare. Since those ancient times, lavender has continued to be used in making perfume and in a range of massage and body treatment products because of its calming scent.

Research gives evidence of the psychological effects of lavender. In particular, a study at the University of Miami compared the effects of soothing lavender and invigorating rosemary, which are thought to have opposite alertness effects. Researchers followed the brains of two different groups subjected to either lavender essential oil or rosemary essential oil during the study. The group that experienced the lavender aromatherapy showed brainwaves that suggested drowsiness. The group that was subjected to rosemary, however, experienced increased alertness.

Other research indicates that aromatherapy with lavender oil has relaxation effects that may have beneficial acute effects on coronary circulation.

The lavender essential oil also contains antioxidants that help fight the effects of environmental pollutants on the skin.  And it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are beneficial to use on aching and tense muscles and joint pain. A study on postoperative pain relief conducted at New York University Medical Center showed that combining lavender essential oil vapor into the oxygen improved satisfaction rate with pain control compared to patients who were only revived with oxygen after major surgery.

With its many benefits for muscle and joint pain relief and inducing calmness and relaxation, we include lavender essential oil in a wide range of BIOTONE products to use in your client's pain management and stress-reducing treatments.

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