Don’t Overlook Traditional Advertising to Get Your Message Across

You know the old saying, “It pays to advertise.” With the advent of digitalization, it may seem that traditional advertising – whether radio, tv, newspaper or print ads sent by mail – has gone the way of the dinosaur. But not so. In fact, not only is traditional advertising alive and well, according to the Harvard Business Review, there might be a shift to some degree away from digital marketing.[1]

Reasons for return to traditional ads

HBR cites reasons why traditional advertising is on the rise, among them:[2]

Breaking through the digital clutter: After spending so many waking hours online, consumers are becoming numb to conventional digital ads. And they are frustrated with ad clutter online that prevents them from reading an article, watching a video, or browsing a website. A survey conducted by MarketingSherpa found that more than half of consumers often or always watch traditional television ads and read print ads they receive in the mail.

Trust in traditional advertising: The same MarketingSherpa survey found that among consumers the top most trusted ad formats on which to make purchase decisions are all traditional: print advertising (82 percent), tv advertising (80 percent), direct mail advertising (76 percent) and radio advertising (71 percent).

Digital lift of traditional media: Digital technology can leverage traditional tools for powerful results. That is what happens when direct mailers are paired with a QR code that consumers can scan for more information.

Why direct mail works

If television, radio, and even local newspaper ads are out of your budget, consider direct mail. Direct mail reaches your audience. There is less competition when a direct mailer arrives in an actual mailbox than an email box. Also, direct mail can spur reciprocity. When you send a direct mailer with a discount or some other special promotion, you produce a positive emotion in the recipient who in turn wants to do something “nice” back. In this case, book an appointment.[3]

Get creative with direct mail

A direct mail piece to residents in targeted zip codes introducing them to your services can help drive traffic through the door. But do not stop there. There are many other opportunities throughout the year to reach out to consumers on holidays, special occasions and more. Here are examples to consider as you plan your marketing campaign:

Mother’s Day ad: Your ad can offer the ultimate massage for renewal and relaxation. Encourage booking an appointment for the recipient’s mom or special friend (who may or may not be a mom) in addition to themselves. And while you are at it, think of Father’s Day with a similar direct mail geared to dad’s and gents.

New service ad: Create a direct mail piece introducing a new massage therapy with a limited time promotion for trying it out.

Birthday ad: Offer a discounted service if someone has a birthday in the month you advertise.

Ad promoting gift vouchers: Send a direct mail ad that promotes your gift voucher program so that clients and prospects have a new option for gift giving to family and friends.

Ad promoting membership program:  Begin a loyalty or membership program where clients gain points for services and product purchases that lead to discounts on treatments or retail offerings.

Black Friday special ad: Think “small” is the theme of Black Friday to encourage shoppers to patronize local businesses. Get in on the Black Friday theme with a special promotional direct mailer to attract new clients.

Keep up your digital presence but it pays to get back to “tradition” when it comes to advertising. Be get creative with direct mail.



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