Why an attractive window display matters to your spa or massage practice


Any realtor will tell you about the importance of curb appeal if you are selling your home. The same goes for your spa or massage practice when creating an impression about your business; your window display matters.


Some research indicates that 50 percent of all purchases are made on impulse. That means half of all buying decisions are made when a consumer is out shopping or browsing. That’s why you want to think of your front window as a strategic marketing asset. An attractive window display can go a long way to encourage prospects to stop in.


Think strategically

Creating an attractive and effective window display involves strategy as well as creativity. Your window display should convey the same branding elements – messaging, logo, signage, and colors - that you employ in all your marketing materials and social channels. Whether your brand is upscale, family-friendly, or health-oriented, your window display should reinforce that image.


It’s also best to have a theme to build your window display around. A theme can promote a special for a treatment or a type of massage – sports or aromatherapy. Or your theme can tie win with the seasons or a special, such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. You might even want to build your display around something trendy or topical that is happening in your city. For example, a home sports team may be part of a playoff or championship game, or there may be a major exhibit of some type traveling to your city that is big news. If appropriate, tie your display to these events.


Even after you come up with ideas for your window display, get input from others on your team. They may provide a different perspective on what will appeal to clients that you’ll want to consider. Even ask a few clients about their views on your window displays.


No matter what theme you decide, change your window display regularly. Change attracts attention, and this is important, particularly if you are located in highly trafficked areas. The change can be subtle - add new or different retail products, focus on a different treatment, or move a few props around.


There are some basics about maintaining your window display to keep in mind.

Please keep it clean: Dust inside and clean fingerprints off the window.

Lighting attracts: Think about what effect you want to create with your lighting and what areas you want to highlight.

Set things at eye level: Don’t make viewers look up too high or down too low. If key elements are at eye level, viewers can take in things at a single glance.

Keep materials off windows: Putting things directly on the windows detracts from the professional look you want to achieve.

Set things at an angle: You can set things at angles to make your display more interesting. Not everything has to be in a straight line.

Attract attention with movement: If possible, add moving signage, animated figures or other props, lights that change direction or color, or computer displays or video projections.


To stand out from the crowd, start with your window display. It will encourage viewers to take the next step – right into your spa or massage practice.

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