Be Sensitive to Sensitivity Issues among your Spa and Massage Practice Clients


Do you find more and more of your spa and massage practice clients are describing their skin as sensitive? It’s not surprising since everyone seems to be more aware of skin reactions these days, whether to external factors – sun, workplace conditions, household detergents, fragrances, pollens, and more – or internal conditions such as health issues, diet, and medications, and stress.


Whatever the reason, for your clients' well-being, you need to ask questions to find out if they are aware of any skin allergies. Since some clients may not recognize a skin reaction as an allergy, Massage Magazine suggests you ask questions such as “Have you ever developed a skin rash, swelling, or redness after using a skin lotion, bath gel, or soap?” You also can ask, “Do any fragrances or smells make you sneeze, cough, or have runny eyes or nose.” It’s also a good idea to ask clients about products they use at home to help you identify exactly what may be causing the problem. Don’t limit your questions to new clients. On an ongoing basis, checking in with ongoing clients to find out their skin sensitivities and allergies is advised.


Massage Magazine points to some other things to keep in mind about clients and sensitive skin as you are choosing products to use:


  • Nut allergies are common: Nut allergies are very common and the protein in them can cause the same reaction in the skin.
  • Fragrance mix allergy: Some massage lotions can contain a number of fragrances. Although only a small number of people are known to be allergic to a fragrance mix; a large number of people experience skin sensitivity due to fragrances.
  • Fragrance free: Products labeled fragrance free still may contain artificial or natural fragrances.
  • Essential oils: If using essential oils with your clients, assess their potential sensitivity. All essential oils are too sensitive to be used directly on the skin, but the carrier oil selected needs to be considered as well.


BIOTONE products with sensitive skin in mind

In treating sensitive skin, your goal should be to calm as well as nourish the skin. Still, every client will be different, and you’ll want to alter your treatment ingredients to accommodate them. Have a variety of oils and lotions available to apply the best product for each client’s needs


We’ve developed two product lines particularly geared to clients and professionals – who have skin sensitivity issues. Our offerings include our Advanced Therapy Massage Creme, Gel, and Lotion, which are hypoallergenic, unscented, paraben-free, and free from nuts, mineral oils, or drying lotions. They also contain Apricot, Grapeseed, and Sesame Oils to soothe and moisturize.


We also offer Pure Touch Organics Massage Creme and Gel. Pure Touch Organics Massage Creme provides rich thickness hypo-allergenic qualities in an unscented creme. It can be used for all modalities, from high glide circulatory to slow deep tissue. Pure Touch Organics Massage Gel gives an earth balanced formula and a smooth, satiny glide. Organic ingredients, hypoallergenic and unscented, you get more coverage than oil, so you use much less.


There are a wealth of treatment products on the market. Make the right choice when dealing with skin sensitivity issues.


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