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Are clients feeling anxious and need something to help calm them down? Look no further than Melissa, a lemon-scented herb that comes from the same family as mint. Melissa's name comes from the Greek word for bee because bees can’t resist this herb’s sweet citrus fragrance. Melissa, Melissa officinalis, is also known as lemon balm, which the Greeks dedicated to the goddess Diana and used medicinally some 2,000 years ago.[1]

Melissa officinalis/lemon balm is valued because of its effects in calming the nerves, aiding relaxation, and boosting mood. A study conducted in 2014 indicated that taking lemon balm eased the negative effect of laboratory-induced psychological stress.[2] Other research suggests that lemon balm had a sedative effect on the central nervous system of lab animals.[3]

Studies have suggested that rosmarinic acid, which Melissa officinalis, increases the availability of neurotransmitters in the brain, known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Low levels of GABA in the brain are believed to be associated with anxiety and other mood disorders. Rosmarinic acid also appears to have potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. [4]

Melissa officinalis is recommended for boosting skin appearance and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Its use goes back to the 14th Century when the Queen of Hungary used it to reduce her face's wrinkles.


The Perfect Pear

You’ll find Melissa extract in BIOTONE’s Perfect Grain Body Exfoliant. It’s a key ingredient of The Perfect Pair, a refreshing exfoliation that helps restore the skin’s natural radiance preparing it for ultra-hydrating moisture. Perfect for a couple’s treatment, The Perfect Pear provides Pear & Ginger's uplifting aroma to enhance the senses.




Tools (For 1 client)

  • 3 Rubber Spa Bowls
  • Plastic Wrap
  • 9 warm, moist hand towels



  1. Place the Pear & Ginger Perfect Grain Body Exfoliant in a rubber bowl.
  2. Mix Black Baltic Body Mud with 30 drops of Uplifting Customizing Complex in a rubber bowl
  3. Mix Smoothing Massage Butter with 20 drops of Uplifting Customizing Complex in a rubber bowl.
  4. Apply an exfoliation treatment with the Pear & Ginger Perfect Grain Body Exfoliant.
  5. Apply Black Baltic Body Mud in an even layer to each part of the body while quickly covering each area with plastic wrap. Cover the client with a towel to keep warm.
  6. Allow the client to rest 15-20 min. This is an ideal time to incorporate an add-on face or foot massage.
  7. Remove plastic wrap, removing as much mud as possible. Remove remaining mud with warm, moist towels. Cover exposed damp skin with a bath towel.
  8. Perform finishing treatment with Smoothing Massage Butter.


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