CBD Boosts the Effectiveness of Massage for Pain Relief


Massage therapists have a powerful new professional treatment tool to relieve client pain. It’s cannabidiol (CBD), and for many in the massage therapy industry, this ground-breaking compound is a game-changer. Treatments using CBD have been shown to relieve symptoms of arthritis, neurological disorders, broken bones, and overworked muscles.


CBD is one of the over 60 cannabinoids or naturally-occurring chemicals found in industrial hemp and marijuana that interact with natural receptors in the brain and body to affect pain response, among other effects. Cannabinoids work with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is made up of endocannabinoids or neurotransmitters that send chemical messages between neurons, the cells that transmit nerve impulses.


Non-mind-altering or habit-forming, CBD from industrial hemp is absorbed through the skin where it binds to the body’s own CB2 receptors. It then connects with these receptors to provide anti-inflammatory pain relief. CBD products, which have the ability to work their way deep into the tissues, make them great for musculoskeletal and joint pain relief. CBD products now are considered part of advanced clinical care and increasingly taking their place at the table of massage therapists as well as chiropractors and other medical professionals.


Boost your practice with CBD


Massage therapists who incorporate CBD into their practice have an opportunity to be ahead of other local practitioners in their market and bolster their reputation as state-of-the-art health care providers. Because of its effectiveness in helping to reduce pain and inflammation, massage therapists can provide more services for current clients and attract new clients who otherwise might not have considered touch therapy for pain management.


While it is best to apply CBD products directly to problem areas, there are other areas of the body that can benefit from topical relief:


  • Elbows, knees, and other joints
  • Wrists
  • All areas of your feet
  • Shoulders


Lab+Blends CBD products enhance massage treatments


Lab+Blends CBD topical products were developed to go to work at the site of the pain. They help aches go away quickly and reduce the inflammation that created the problem. You only need minimal amounts to achieve these benefits.  Lab+Blends CBD products can be massaged in quickly and deeply to manage discomfort, reduce skin dryness, and calm irritation. CBD also is considered a wonderful remedy for anxiety and depressive issues, sleep issues, headaches, and other stressors. Lab+Blends topical CBD products for massage include:


  • Lab+Blends CBD Massage Oil combines 700 mg of Hemp-Derived CBD with omega-rich Hempseed Oil is ideal for sore joints and aching muscles. Comfrey and Arnica Extracts work together to help relieve bruising and arthritis. Ideal workability for modern bodywork.
  • Lab+Blends CBD Massage Balm combines 660 mg of Hemp-Derived CBD with active ingredients and powerful pain fighters for advanced pain management. Enriched with Hempseed Oil and Arnica Extract, this thick, rich balm gives the therapist superior glide requiring minimal reapplication. 
  • Lab+Blends CBD Pain Relief Cream Maximum Strength: Combines highly concentrated levels of CBD with powerful pain relievers to give advanced pain management. Direct application to the area of pain helps gives hours of soothing and relaxing comfort.  Helps regain range of motion as pain decreases.
  • Lab+Blends CBD Massage Cream: Combines 408 mg of Hemp-Derived CBD with active ingredients and powerful pain fighters for advanced pain management.  Enriched with Hempseed Oil and Arnica Extract, this thick, rich cream gives the therapist unmatched workability and superior versatility. 

Here are some examples of CBD treatments you can try.

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