Five Tips to Expand your Massage Practice with Chair Massage:


As much as massage has become part of the mainstream, there are still many consumers who shy away from experience -- no matter how much their aching muscles and joints would benefit from the experience. Chair massage is a good way to introduce potential clients to your practice. From a client’s perspective, chair massage requires no disrobing – something that makes many first time clients uneasy – and it takes little time and expense compared to an hour-long session. As part of your practice, chair massage opens up new channels of opportunity at events, community fairs, and trade shows and among companies looking to provide their employees with more benefits and help alleviate stress.


If chair massage sounds like a way to expand your massage business, here are some things to keep in mind:

Cost Considerations

Every new marketing channel has a cost associated with it, and chair massage is no different. Aside from any equipment costs for a nice massage chair, factor in your time away from the other side of your business and gas mileage and wear and tear on your car. There’s also the cost to purchase a booth at a community event or trade shows if you target them.

Professional Look

Looking professional is always important but even more so when you ‘take your business out in front of hundreds of people, if not more. You may be set up at a community event with people passing by you all day. When you consider each chair massage client can become an ongoing client, you want to look your professional best. Dress professionally, even if casual. Your equipment also should be clean and well cared for – no worn or torn padding on your chair.

Marketing Materials

The marketing materials for your chair massage business will be different from your full-service offerings. You can create a microsite that links to your regular website that describes your service, availability, pricing, etc. Make sure the site is optimized for mobile viewing or create a special mobile website.

Community Outreach

You have lots of options when it comes to marketing your chair massage services. Explore events taking place in your community through your city’s websites and the local chamber of commerce. If you support a local charity, find out if you can add your chair massage to one of their events and offer to donate a portion of your fees.

Corporate Marketing

When it comes to corporations, consider direct mail or email marketing to companies' HR departments in your area. Ones with wellness programs are good candidates. You’ll also want to network with your own personal and professional contacts. Current clients may be able to introduce your chair massage services to companies they work for. Also, leverage your social media channels for outreach. Let your followers know you’ve added chair massage to your offering and point them to your new site.


If you’re already offering chair massage, do you have any other tips to share?


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