Steps to take to get your Spa or Massage Practice out of a Rut


Is that all there is? If that’s a question you’ve been asking yourself a lot lately, it’s time to make some changes. Maybe you hoped that having your own spa or massage practice would somehow improve the quality of your life or fulfill other needs. You may even be making the kind of income you hoped for but still feeling unfilled or stuck. It’s not uncommon. But you can do something about it if by asking yourself some questions to help identify why you feel like you’ve come to a standstill with your business?


In "7 Questions to Get Your Business Out of a Rut,” Inc. offers advice from life coach Pamela Slim who advises you ask yourself the following question to help you figure out how you want your life – and work – to unfold. In fact, you should use these questions to help shape your business plan. Among the questions, ask yourself.


  1. What kind of work do you want to be doing?
  2. Who do you want to be working with and for?
  3. How do you want your time structured?
  4. How do you see your physical health?
  5. What quality of relationship do you want with your spouse and other significant people in your life?
  6. What does success look like to you?
  7. How much impact are you having?


The answers to these questions can help you decide if what you are doing helps you achieve what you want in your life. Assuming it is – and I expect for most of you that is the case – then you need to make changes to get out of the rut you find yourself in.


Making Changes

I don’t think that change has to be big. Even making little changes helps you reset what you want to do and where you want to be. Here are some steps to take to help your get out of the rut you feel you are in:


Take Full Responsibility

Don’t blame anyone else or look to others to make the changes that you need. Also, approach your situation with a positive attitude. You may be feeling frustrated or stressed, but don’t let that negative energy get in your way of looking at your situation and honestly coming to grips with what is making you dissatisfied.


Take Stock of Your Situation

Don’t put pressure on yourself to find a solution immediately. Take inventory of your current situation. Think about what made you happy in the past and the present and what is not working right now. You’ll find inspiration by identifying the things that you enjoy.


Think Big

Look outside yourself for inspiration. Talk to colleagues and business associates, read up on industry trends, and attend meetings and seminars for the spa or massage industry. Even talk to clients to understand how their needs will be changing. You may find you’d like to incorporate a new service that you never thought of before. Don’t feel you need to have all the answers.


Change takes work. Apply the same passion for getting out of your rut you did when you first started your spa or massage practice. You’ll soon find yourself moving on next to the exciting new chapter of your business and your life.

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