Rejuvenate clients with the calming benefits of the Passion Flower

Called the Passion Flower, this perennial woody vine just might have one of the most interesting stories behind its name.  Christian missionaries arriving in South America in the 16th century discovered the stunningly beautiful plant, which they called Passion Flower because they felt that the parts of the plant symbolized the Passion of Jesus.  Texas A&M Agrilife Extension explains that to the missionaries, the flower's five petals and five sepals (modified leaves that encase the flower) represented the 10 apostles. The circle of hair like rays above the petals symbolized the crown of thorns that Jesus wore the day he died.

Today, the Passion Flower is valued for its calming effect. Healthline reports early studies indicate the plant can help relieve insomnia and anxiety because it appears to boost the brain’s level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is a compound that lowers brain activity and so may help aid relaxation and sleep.  Another study found that patients scheduled for surgery had less anxiety before the operation than others who received a placebo.

The Passion Flower also is a powerful antioxidant since it contains several antioxidant compounds including most notably Quercetin, one of the best known flavonoids or plant compounds. LifeSeasons notes that Quercetin has many benefits, including its ability to reduce inflammation, eliminate pain, boost the immune system, fight cancer and reduce histamines.

Help Clients Achieve Inner Peace

You can help clients achieve Inner Peace with a gentle exfoliation and calming wrap that incorporates a blend of essential oils to induce restful relaxation. A massage with Relaxing Therapeutic Massage Creme that contains Passion Flower completes the treatment and leaves skin soothed and hydrated.


  • Micro-Biff Body Polish                                                 2 ounces
  • Black Baltic Body Mud                                                4 ounces
  • Peace Balancing Blend                                               45 drops
  • Relaxing Therapeutic Massage Creme                       1 ounce


  • 3 rubber spa bowls
  • Plastic wrap
  • 9 warm, moist hand towels


1. Mix Micro-Buff Body Polish with 15 drops of Peace Balancing Blend.

2. Mix Black Baltic Body Mud with 30 drops of Peace Balancing Blend.

3. Apply an exfoliation treatment with the Micro-Buff Body Polish.

4. Apply Black Baltic Body Mud in an even layer to each part of the body while quickly covering each area with plastic wrap. Cover client with a towel to keep warm.

5. Allow client to rest 15-20 minutes. This is an ideal time to incorporate an add-on face or foot massage.

6. Remove plastic wrap, remove as much mud as possible. Remove remaining mud with warm, moist towels. Cover exposed damp skin with a bath towel.

7. Perform a finishing treatment with Relaxing Therapeutic Massage Creme.

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