Koalas can’t resist the benefits of Eucalyptus and neither will your client


Koalas may be cute and cuddly, but did you know they are picky eaters. The iconic Australian marsupial mainly eats the foliage of eucalyptus species because of its high water content. By simply dining on the leaves of this tall evergreen tree, most Koalas meet their water need. What makes a Koala’s diet even more unique is the fact eucalyptus is poisonous for most other animals. Fortunately, Koalas can munch eucalyptus because they have microbes in their system to break down the poisons.


Taking a cue from Koalas, we humans also have picked up on the value of Eucalyptus. Across the globe, we depend on oil from eucalyptus trees to treat a wide range of medical conditions, even the common cold, because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


Keep a Cold at Bay

Many of today’s over-the-counter medicines to treat coughs and colds – lozenges, rubs and cough syrups – contain eucalyptus. The University of Maryland Medical Center writes that eucalyptus ointments are used on the nose and chest to relieve congestion and phlegm; and some people breathe in the eucalyptus steam to treat bronchitis.


Rich in the antiseptic cineoloe, eucalyptus oil also has been used to treat a range of skin and other bacterial infections. And its antiseptic properties make it a popular active ingredient in mouthwash, toothpaste and other dental hygiene products.


Relief from Muscle Pain

Since eucalyptus has a cooling effect when applied to the skin, it is a powerful analgesic. Medical News Today references a study in the American Journal of Medicine and Rehabilitation in which Eucalyptamint was applied on the anterior forearm skin of 10 subjects. The study concluded that Eucalyptamint “produced significant physiologic responses that may be beneficial for pain relief/and or useful to athletes as a passive form of warm-up.”


Because of its analgesic properties, eucalyptus oil is a very desirable ingredient for a number of BIOTONE muscle and joint pain relieving massage products, including Polar Lotion, Muscle & Joint Relief Therapeutic Massage Crème and Gel, Sore Muscle Relieving Customizing Complex and Detoxifying Customizing Complex.


Melt Client Muscle Tension

Prep your client for deep tissue work with Muscle Tension Melt, a therapeutic aromatherapy wrap that incorporates rhythmic movements to soothe away stress and tension. Finish by applying Polar Lotion to trouble spots.



  • Controlled-Glide Massage Crème (1 oz)
  • Muscle Comfort Essential Oil (20-25 drops)
  • Polar Lotion (½ oz)



  • 2 rubber spa bowls
  • Spa thermal blanket
  • 1 hot, moist hand towel



  1. Mix Controlled Glide Massage Creme with 15 drops Muscle Comfort Essential Oil. Warm prior to application.
  2. Put 10 drops Muscle Comfort Essential Oil in to rubber spa bowl.
  3. Use fingertips to apply Muscle Comfort Essential Oil to energy points (see attached BIOTONE Energy Points reference sheet) along the body, starting at the feet, and moving towards the sacrum. Hold your finger against the skin for 5 - 10 seconds as you apply the oil.
  4. Standing at the head of the table, pull up all layers of sheets, thermal wrap and blankets, to cocoon client.
  5. While client is wrapped perform relaxing rhythmic movements to stretch and prep tissues for deep tissue work.
  6. Unwrap the client. Begin deep tissue massage using Controlled Glide Massage Creme.
  7. Massage a small amount of Polar Lotion to specific sore, overstressed muscles. Apply a hot, damp hand towel. Press firmly with both hands on top of towel, holding pressure. Remove towel.
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