Be good to your hands and arms


Caring for your skin doesn’t shouldn’t stop at the neckline.  Dry, wrinkled hands and arms can give away your age. In fact, they are areas of the body that are one of the first places to show signs of aging. Just consider how much exposure to water and the elements your hands and arms get when you are cleaning the house, tending the garden, engaging in outdoor sports or just taking a walk. Your hands and arms deserve a lot more attention than they often get. Here are some things to do to treat your hand and arms.

Use lukewarm or room temperature water when you wash your hands since hot water is drying. Wash with a moisturizing soap.

Use a moisturizer on hands and arms in the morning and again at night before you go to bed.  Make sure to massage in the moisturizer thoroughly. For the day, use a moisturizer with a broad spectrum sunscreen that has a high SPF value of 25 or greater. You may want to reapply hand cream after you’ve washed your hands or several times a day if you are out in the sunlight a lot or if your skin feels particularly dry.

Wear gloves when you are out of door for gardening or even sports. Inside the house, use rubber gloves – the longer they are, the better – when your hands are exposed to water. When you are working in the yard, cloth gloves are fine.  And during the cold months, definitely wear gloves as part of your wardrobe to protect against the cold, which can dry out your hands.

Moisturize nails too, advises WebMD, who recommends applying a moisturizing cream or a hand balm to the nails on a daily basis to keep them moist.

Exfoliate your hands and arms with a non-abrasive gentle exfoliation to remove dead surface skin. You’ll first want to wash your hands and arms before exfoliating with a scrub you can buy at the drug store or consider a body polish from BIOTONE, True Results parent company.


The other benefit of exfoliation is collagen production. Collagen is the protein in skin that gives it strength and durability. Think of it as the scaffolding around the cells that support their shape. When you remove the top layer of dead skin, you encourage the skin to produce new cells, which help to stimulate collagen production.

When it comes to your face, you also can encourage collage production is through the use of retinol skin care products, such as True Results Retinol Active Skincare. Retinols achieve their anti-aging results by protecting skin from free radicals and prompting surface skin cells to turn over and die rapidly so that new skin cells can grow. Retinols also slow down the breakdown of collagen.