Avocado Oil


From the looks of it, and avocado would not be the first fruit you’d reach for in the fruit bowl. (Yes, that’s right. Contrary to what many believe, avocado is a fruit). But underneath this uniquely pear-shaped fruit, with its alligator-like bumpy skin, lays a cornucopia of vitamins and essential amino acids for good health, with avocado oil being particularly good for the skin.

Topping the avocado oil’s list of healthful ingredients are Vitamins A, D, and E, which cause the skin to be suppler and particularly good for sun-damaged, dry, or aged skin. Owing to its chemical properties and water-retaining qualities, avocado oil also acts as a moisturizer to promote soft and supple skin. And it is high in plant-based fats called sterolins, which have been known to reduce age spots, heal skin damage from the sun and scars and produce skin collagen.  Avocado oil may help delay wrinkles and other skin aging signs by preventing and perhaps even reversing collagen breakdown.

Why not help your spa and massage clients enhance their skin for an evening out or a special occasion with a treatment that includes avocado oil? We recommend Little Black Dress Treatment. It contains Micro-Buff Body Polish that features avocado oil among its ingredients.  This quick all-over makeover covers only the exposed areas (arms, legs, décolleté) and leaves skin ultra-soft, smooth, and glowing. It’s perfect for wedding days, formal evenings, and date nights.


Little Black Dress Treatment


  • Micro-Buff Body Polish                                   2 ounces
  • Dual Purpose Massage Creme                         2 ounces
  • Add-in bronzer, shimmer powder, etc. Enough to leave a tint on the skin.


  • 2 Rubber spa bowls
  • 5 warm, moist hand towels
  • 2 plastic wrap


  1. Mix Dual-Purpose Massage Creme in rubber bowl with any bronzing powder/bronzing liquid/shimmer powder. Warm product before application.
  2. Discuss with the client the areas to be treated – the client may wish to skip areas covered by the dress.
  3. Using the flat of our hand, apply the Micro-Buff Body Polish in small circular strokes while moving upward. Repeat 2-3 times on each body part before moving on.
  4. Remove product with a hot, moist towel – a cover area with a towel to keep the client warm.

Finish with a massage using Dual-Purpose Massage Creme mixed with bronze/shimmer. Be certain that the creme is evenly applied and fully absorbed into the skin.

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