Adventures in Massage Therapy Available: Apply Now!


Have you ever wanted to pack up and move to Costa Rica, Alaska, or some other far off place for the summer? Many adventures await massage therapists itching to explore the world! Someone has to fill those massage therapy jobs offered at seasonal lodges, destination resorts, and cruise ships! With a little research and the right resume, it could be you!


The first step to finding your perfect adventure is to make a list of the parts of the world you would like to explore. Each potential job will have a unique set of educational and/or licensing requirements depending on the state or country you will be working in. The requirements may also vary based on the likely clientele of those who are doing the hiring. Be sure to thoroughly review the required job qualifications to be sure you are eligible for a job before you apply.


The pay structure of massage therapy positions can also vary widely. Many “destination resort” positions include room and board, especially if they are in isolated places. That means you don’t have to worry about paying the bills, but it can also mean a lower percentage or per hour rate. Many of these jobs can also be highly dependent on tips to push up the per hour take-home pay. Many resorts pay therapists a guaranteed salary in addition to their room and board package. Each potential job is different, so be sure you ask questions and read the job solicitation carefully.


Whether you are working on a cruise ship, destination resort, or other adventure travel massage job, you can probably count on long hours. Oftentimes these positions require you to work 6 days a week. A typical workday could be anywhere from 5 to 9 hours. Being able to do 30 hours of massage a week, getting along well with others, and having a positive attitude is a must!


Once you know when you want to go and are prepared to apply for positions, you have to find opportunities! You can start by doing a web search using terms like: “adventure massage,” “Massage Therapy and travel,” and “Doing Massage Therapy abroad.” Add the location you want to go into your search to see local job listings. You can also go on craigslist and filter your search by location, then look underemployment.


Volunteer positions are also available for those who want to get away and aren’t concerned about income. Some destination resorts offer food, board, and transportation to therapists who want to come and work while they play.


If leaving home for months at a time is too much for you, but you still have the desire to see the world, you can seek employment at a nationwide hotel/resort chain. Jobs with these companies often offer you employee travel benefits. The employee discount can be as much as 80% off the regular room rate! Pay can vary, but tips are typically good at the resort spas.


A career in massage therapy can offer you many potential adventures, whether you want to travel discounts or want to relocate to some exotic place. The choice is yours!


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