Add-on Services Get Good Results for your Clients and your Spa and Massage Practice


Who would miss an opportunity to add more value to your spa or massage practice clients and boost your revenue at the same time? Well that’s the beauty of providing add-on services. In “10 Things to Increase Add-on Services,” that ran in Skin Inc., Deedee Crossett, Founder and owner of the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology, suggests a number of creative ways to offer add-on services that you can start doing right now. Among her 10 recommendations, Crossett recommends:


Create an Add-on Treatment to tie in with a Community Event

As one example, if your spa or massage practice is in the San Francisco Bay Area tie in a service with the annual Bay to Breakers, the oldest consecutively run annual footrace in the world. For example, suggest a foot massage along with a client’s regular massage for pain management or stress. Not only will clients love the extra pampering, by offering a foot massage; you send a message about the need for everyone to get on their feet and walk.


Tie Add-ons to the Season

Offer a treatment geared to the season. You could offer a seasonal scrub along with a wrap as in our Spring Renewal treatment.


Ask Clients What is happening with their skin right now

Doing so enables you to offer a customized add-on treatment – an exfoliation or wrap – specific to a client’s needs. Consider a discount by bundling the two services to make the offering even more attractive.


Package Retail and Add on Service Together

Offer one price that includes a retail product for daily use along with an add-on service. When you offer an aromatherapy massage, provide an aromatherapy body butter or lotion for use at home.


Keep the following in mind before suggesting add-on services


Don’t offer too many suggestions

You can confuse your client when you start to make too many recommendations.


Timing counts

Be sensitive to your client. You don’t want to initiate a dialog about add-on services when clients seem preoccupied or short on time. They won’t spend more money and they will remember the experience at your spa or massage practice as being unpleasant.


Emphasize value

When making suggestions for add-on services, consider the client’s needs. The more costly item needs to have incremental value to your customer in order to make them consider your suggestion.


When it comes to add-on services, everyone comes out ahead. Not only do you ring up more sales, clients will appreciate your suggestions to get more out of a session if they see the value.

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