5 Things People with Great Skin Do Daily

Some people start taking care of their skin only when something goes wrong, or after they see the first signs of aging. Others, however, begin that process early on, so when their skin begins to age, they don’t even need to fight back.

Let’s explore the habits of such people and what changes you can make in your daily rituals to replicate their results.

1. They do their research.

For a start, most of us treat our skin bad. We underestimate the power of the sun and don’t wear protection unless we’re sunbathing (and even then consider the standard sunscreen to be enough). Some women skip removing all their makeup prior to bed. While both genders occasionally pop their pimples.

That’s why anyone who’s decided to improve their health, look fresher and younger and have flawless skin, should first learn the basics. That will also help you to never rely on your friends’ recommendations, as they too are most often based on research or what they’ve heard.

The first step to taking skincare seriously is to understand what you’ve always been doing wrong that’s bad for the skin, even if that’s daily habits that seemed insignificant. I’m talking about not hydrating enough, not avoiding the hours of the day when the sunlight is stronger, not sleeping enough or using cosmetics that’s the right fit for your type of skin, not thinking about the neck, not exfoliating enough, and more.

Set some time aside this weekend to educate yourself on how to take better care of your skin. Take notes and make a plan on what to stop doing from now on.

2. They wash their face right.

Sadly, some people believe using tap water is enough to cleanse your face before bed and/or in the morning. They don’t take into consideration the season and how much hydration the skin actually needs, what really is inside that water and how it affects our precious skin, or whether the temperature is the right one. Not to mention some use soap and think that removes the bacteria and they go to sleep peacefully thinking their skin is clean and ready for their beauty sleep.

Most of that is wrong. People with great skin know that cleansing your face is a whole ritual and might take up to 15 minutes. They use warm water as they know that’s what will remove the toxins. Their moves are gentle and massaging, which turns the routine into a relaxing activity. They’ve also prepared a soft towel that they use to carefully dry their face once they are done washing it.

Cleansing is a crucial part of your evening and even morning rituals. Without it, your face will be covered in dirt the whole day and when in bed, without you realizing. That’s why the retinol active skin care from True Results has a 3-step process for a more beautiful skin. The very first one of them is removing makeup, oil and impurities with a plant-based cleanser.

3. People with great skin exfoliate.

Even if you do cleansing right on a daily basis, you might still be leaving the dead cells and unwanted dirt on the surface. That’s when exfoliation comes. Although it’s something some experts recommend once a week if done right, it can eventually become a daily practice if done gently. 

What’s more, the best way for the skin to absorb our retinol product or other beauty cosmetics, is to be free from clogged pores or excess oil. So after scrubbing it as often as necessary (but gently so that you don’t end up harming it), you’ll be ready to use protection if you’re about to go out, any special cream you’re using to deeply hydrate it, or just let it breathe for some time.

4. They’re careful with what they put in their body.

Multiple researches have proven that sugar is bad for your skin. That and white carbs (all foods with high glycemic index) are damaging collagen. While at the same time people with beautiful skin are focusing on foods that boost the production of this protein.

The opposite is also true. The right diet can cure acne and make you look younger. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and veggies, take your dose of omega-3 and antioxidants. Learn more about the so-called super foods, that give you the biggest amount of vitamins and healthy fats.

Last but not least, hydrate not just from the outside, but also your body by drinking plenty of water. And ditch any drink with sugar in it.

5. They make retinol their best friend.

Individuals with flawless skin know the power of retinol. They are familiar with its positive effects on aging, and have decided that it’s the best ingredient for any cosmetics they use for their skin. Clinically proven to give results in less than a month, it helps with sun damage, age spots, pigmentation and wrinkles. Once it fixes the problems your skin has due to doing the wrong things for years, retinol then aims to improve complexion, produce new cells, give it a fresh look and make it radiant.

So, if you often end up staring at people with great skin, wonder how they do it, or scroll down your feed on social media and feel bad about not having that looks, now you know what they do daily. It’s about knowing the essentials, treating your skin with love and care, and being consistent with that (meaning, doing it daily).