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We're hearing from more and more massage therapists extending their service offering to include body treatments, in particular wraps and scrubs. This trend has been growing steadily over the past two years in response to clients' increasing awareness of these treatments' benefits to aid healing and hydrating. Not that these treatments are new. Wraps - which date back literally thousands of years to ancient Egypt - help relax and rejuvenate the body, tighten and tone the skin, eliminate toxins, and improve blood circulation. Wraps used combined with a scrub for cleansing, toning, and exfoliation provide a wake-up call for the skin.


Fortunately, the cost of entry to provide these new services - which can provide you with significant incremental revenue - is nominal. New spa body treatment products make it possible for you to offer traditional wet room treatments in a dry environment. These new product offerings, such as BIOTONE Body Lush Hydrating Wrap, are formulated to stay moist and not dry out, retaining their creamy texture. And they remove easily with a warm, damp cloth in one or two passes, so water consumption remains low, which is good for the environment and your overhead.


Retail opportunity

Even more compelling, the new spa services provide you with an opportunity to introduce retail into your practice by providing customized take-home spa product sampler kits. With BIOTONE Spa for You at products, your clients can extend the benefits of your spa treatments from head to toe in between their visits with you.


The BIOTONE Spa for You line is extensive. It includes body hydration - both butters and lotions - and exfoliators created from natural ingredients and available in five refreshing fragrances. Our Facial Therapy MicroRefiner and Moisturizer with Bio Firming Complex help reduce lines' appearance to reveal smoother, healthier skin. And tired feet will rejuvenate with our cooling Marine Therapy Pedi-Scrub and Pedi-Balm, both with Rejuvenating Complex to stimulate, smooth, and soften feet and lower legs.


You'll want to discuss their needs with your clients and how to apply the products at home for best results. The retail extension of your offering not only adds additional revenue and introduces your clients to a range of treatment options, but it also furthers the bond you have with your clients, who will think of your great consultation and service every time they use the products at home. And when they think of you, they will come back for more.



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