BIOTONE kicks off season of giving with $10,000 donation to Massage Therapy Foundation


We like to begin the season of giving a little earlier here at BIOTONE. Every year, in October, the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) announces annual grants to community programs and services around the country to bring touch therapies to underserved communities. We have worked with MTF since 2004, contributing over $100,000. This year is no exception. BIOTONE continues our partnership with MTF with a donation of $10,000 to support community grants for the Cancer Family Care (CFC) serving the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky community and Massage Therapy for the Elderly, Terminal and Disabled out of Belleville, Ill, a program offered by Hands to Help NFP.

Helping cancer patients from all walks of life

CFC, a non-profit social service agency, provides support to children, adults, and families coping with the often devastating and overwhelming impact of cancer-related illness. CFC provides essential mental health and supportive programs that serve as a force of compassion and strength in the face of this serious illness. Since opening its doors in 1971, CFC has helped nearly 85,000 community members from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds.

BIOTONE’s donation will go to support CFC’s Waddell Family Healing Hands Program under which CFC offers free oncology massage to cancer patients (up to four free massage sessions per patient). Demand for free oncology massage is very high and continues to grow. Cancer patients often experience isolation, fear, stress, and anxiety.  The gentle, healing medium of touch, specifically oncology massage, can help alleviate these worrying feelings. Reduced stress levels have been shown to be beneficial for the immune system, which can be extremely beneficial and helpful for a cancer patient to keep body, mind, and spirit strong.

Saving the world one massage at a time

Massage Therapy for the Elderly, Terminal and Disabled out of Belleville, Ill., is a program offered by Hands to Help NFP, which offers free massage therapy to terminal, disabled and elderly patients and their caregivers. The program’s stated mission is "Saving the world one massage at a time."  It serves patients in the community who receive the least amount of human touch. Massage helps to provide relaxation, decrease feeling of isolation and depression, reduce pain and anxiety and provide comfort in end of life care.

Massage Therapy for the Elderly, Terminal and Disabled operates by sending therapists to visit patients. BIOTONE’s funds will help the organization provide massage to an additional 30 to 45 people who get six visits from a licensed massage therapist at no charge.  Therapists are trained in cancer training, Compassionate Touch and have completed volunteer training with Family Hospice in Belleville, Illinois.

BIOTONE is proud to contribute to these compassionate programs that bring the healing power of touch to many in need.

Jean Shea

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