Giving Mom the gift that never fails to delight - Time and Wellness


Many, many, many years ago my then very young son woke me up on Mother’s Day with a Surprise! For those of you who have lived with young children – you can imagine my anticipation of mixed blessings. He led me to our main bathroom that he had transformed into a “SPA”. He had draped white sheets and sprinkled flowers over every surface, set out candles, poured me a glass of orange juice, and filled the tub with water and flowers. My first thought was this little person gets me. After these many years I still remember that moment above all other Mother’s Days. Nowadays anytime my children ask me what I want, I tell them the same thing- to spend time with you. I think it’s safe to say that most parents of adults feel this way.


Mother’s and Father’s day is a natural opportunity to allow your clients to share with their parents the gift of time and wellness. I have noticed that a lot of my clients schedule their pedicures alongside family members to catch up and spend time together. We shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to provide the same experience. Look at your location and your menu to see which offerings can be doubled up. For example, promote your couples massage as a mother/ daughter experience.


Mother’s Day specials are also a great way to encourage people who are not used to letting themselves be nurtured. Some of my clients have commented on how much they would love to bring their parent in, but the parent has never experienced massage and is hesitant about the whole process. Why not promote protocols that can be performed with the client fully clothed as part of your menu. Obviously seated massage is an excellent choice and not just for health fairs. Relaxing facial massage sessions can also help ease a client into the world of therapeutic touch in a non-invasive way.


In addition, Mother's Day is a great way to promote your softer nurturing side, in other words your therapeutic spa menu items. If your space does not allow for double tables why not offer spa foot and hand treatments that can be set up to encourage a social atmosphere. One of the wonderful advantages of utilizing your spa treatments is that soaking and masks help you with session timing when you are servicing more than one person at a time. For example you can stagger the starting times so that as you are performing a massage technique on one client while the other is benefiting from a soak or mask. You could easily set up your space to accommodate more than one person at a time so the experience is similar to the pedicure scenario.


Session Timing Example:
Client A
Client B
Soaking Enjoying refreshments
Exfoliation Soaking
Mask with heated booties/mitts Exfoliation
Massage with finishing lotion Mask with heated booties/mitts
Enjoying refreshments Massage with finishing lotion


I like the Biotone spa line because it is easy to use with no fuss, easy to clean up, and effective. So these types of protocols are easily delivered. Think about it and next month I’ll share a seated therapeutic spa session with you that would be perfect for a Father’s Day promotion.


Be well, Do good work, and write to us about your best Mother's Day.

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