Cup of Raw Tea

Unless you live and work under a rock, you probably already know about the health benefits of Green tea. (If not, Google it). This has been a wellness topic for decades that has recently seen a new surge of interest. As always, when a wellness trend is receiving additional consumers’ attention, it’s time to figure out how to capitalize on that awareness with featured treatments.

Lucky for me, in the Spring, I already feature the use of BIOTONE’s Green Tea and Lime Leaf collection of products. My favorites are the Massage Butter and the Body Polish. So now my challenge is to get a little more creative: It has to involve the wellness trend, be authentically beneficial and add to the clients overall experience. Here is what I have added so far:

Provide a variety of flavored green teas as refreshment in the reception area for clients to explore. If you have an artisan tea shop in your market you might be able to work a mutually beneficial marketing deal.

Utilize a Refreshing Green Tea Mister for use anywhere on the body that needs a little cooling down as the weather heats up.

Simple Recipe:

  • Steep green tea leaves (organic) in boiling water for 20 minutes.
  • Cool and strain the liquid in a sterilized bottle.
  • Store it in a refrigerator.
  • You can add a couple of squirts of Aloe or a couple of pinches of Himalayan salt if you want to up the ante.
  • If you are not going to use it on the face you can also add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil to really bring home the cooling nature.
  • Make sure you shake it well before use.

Offer a Restorative Green Tea Eye Treatment as an added value service.

Eye Compresses:

  • Take pure steeped Organic Green Tea and soak squares of gauze or cotton pads in it.
  • Squeeze the excess liquid out and store them in a closed container in the refrigerator or freezer.

Finishing up your treatment session with a Restorative Eye Massage

Place cool compresses on the eyes for a few minutes. Then remove and proceed with massage. This is a simple finishing protocol I have used for years but now I am upgrading it with the tea component.

  1. Rub your palms together very fast producing friction and heat. Instantly cup your hands and place the palms over the eyes, with the heel of the hands on the eyebrow bone. Very gently drape the fingertips across the face and with light, progressive pressure, press and release three times.
  2. Place your index, middle and ring fingertips under the eyes and follow the contour of the eye socket with gentle caressing motion toward the temples. Repeat this three times.
  3. Place those same fingers under the arch of the eyebrows and press gently upward three times.
  4. Place the full length of your thumbs along the lashes and rock gently from the tear duct to the outside corner of the eyes three times.
  5. Once again, rub your palms together very fast producing friction and heat. Instantly cup your hands and place the palms over the eye, with the heel of the hands on the temples. Gently press the temples three times. Slowly lift your hands away from the face.

With a number of us working in regions where allergies are flaring up, this makes a great addition to your treatment tool box.

Be Well, Be Creative and Do Good Work. What is your favorite Tea?

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