Five Ways to Look at Your Business in a New Light

Are you feeling your spa or massage practice is stuck in neutral and you cannot see how to move into drive? It happens. After many years of running your own business, you may not see what is holding your business back.

If you find yourself in this place, it helps to look at your business with a fresh perspective. Instead of asking the same questions about how to boost client loyalty, attract new business, and change up your treatment menu, there are other ways to critically assess your current situation.

How to look at your business in new ways

Conduct a self-interview: One way to get out of “neutral” is to ask yourself insightful questions and answer them honestly. Delegating tasks may be an issue that is holding you back, so ask yourself, “how do I delegate.” Think of areas where you could delegate work, even if it involves providing training first.  Another area has to do with finances. “What process would you develop to determine how to cut costs and improve your bottom line.”  

Be open to new things: On the job and outside of it, try new things. Talk to people in different businesses, take classes, start volunteering, or get more active in sports. By being open to new experiences, you can shake beliefs that are holding you back. By taking risks in unfamiliar territory, you build confidence to try something new.

Ask what is your dream business:  You can start looking at your current business differently by asking yourself “what is my dream business.” Think ahead three to five years and picture where you would like your spa or massage practice to be. Maybe you want to have more than one location. Or you might want to bring massage to corporate clients. Possibly, you could expand your business to add more beauty services and bring in specialists in those areas.  When you dream of how you want your business to be, you start to lay the groundwork for what needs to happen today to get there.

Be a copycat: Okay, not really a copycat, but look at other markets that are similar, such as those related to health, nutrition, beauty, and fitness and see what they are doing to build their businesses and grow their client base. Try some of these strategies. Emulate their marketing campaigns or implement their processes that cut costs and raise profitability yet do not sacrifice good service.

 Seek out a mentor: Ask someone to play an advisory role as your mentor. Because of their successful business experience, such a person can help you see your business in a new light and push you to try new things.

These are a handful of ways to step back and see your business in a new light.  
Try “flipping the switch” to see your business in a whole new light.