Create Massage Advertisements that Sell

Growing your business means getting out the word, and to that end, advertising can play an important role. Through advertising, you identify and reach new clients as well as continue to engage with current clients by building brand loyalty through special offers and rewards. With today’s digital technology platform, you have even greater reach to new audiences and strengthen the connection.

Not all ads are created equal

When it comes to advertising, there are a host of online and offline theme and message possibilities to get out the word. Here are a few to consider as you build or rebuild your advertising campaign. In each case you can provide your phone number, email, or a link to your appointment scheduling software, so clients and prospects can book a session.

Focus on an issue:  Why do clients seek your services? Pain relief, sports ailments, or stress and tension release?  Link a social media post to an online article in a reputable source, such as a well-known blog or magazine about health care, that address the issue. Include in your post, messages about how you can help.

Educate: Employ an infographic or video to educate clients and prospects about the benefits of massage. Visuals clearly present each type of massage you offer and its benefits.

Tout your expertise: There are many providers and it can be challenging for someone to decide who to choose. Create messages for use on your website or in print ads that convey your uniqueness.  

Help clients achieve their wellness goals: Build an ad campaign about better health through massage. Emphasize the importance of massage as a complementary and alternative therapy and a way to improve flexibility and range of motion, enhance energy and vitality and improve circulation.

Offer a promotion: Email or text a promotional code to clients and prospects offering a discount on a treatment or an add-on treatment. Clients will need to use the promo code when booking an appointment.


Seasonal or holiday treatment: Focus on a particular treatment for the time of year, such a massage during the hectic holiday season to reduce stress.

Getting started

Whatever theme or strategy you choose, take these steps before getting started:

  1. Create a plan with clear objectives. Determine a timeframe and budget.
  2. Be clear who your audience is: seniors, sports enthusiasts, new or soon-to-be moms, millennials? Make sure you understand what motivates each group.
  3. Align copy and visuals: Messages and visuals must align to create a holistic picture of your brand.
  4. Be authentic: Your messages need to be in line with your brand. Everything you do in business, including your advertising, must reinforce who you are, your offering, and your value.

When it comes to growing your massage business, advertising pays off when it’s done with the client in mind.