Buddy System Spa for Father's Day


How many times have we heard a client say, "I would love it if I could get my...(husband, son, dad) to try this." Usually, one thing that keeps these men out of the treatment room is fear of the unknown. My solution is the buddy system, which allows me to serve two people in the same room simultaneously. But I am a sole practitioner, so how to make it happen? Easy - I include wellness spa treatments in the package.


The simplest version is to start one client off with an aromatherapy wrap, and while they "cook," I perform a 30-minute massage on the other client. I then wrap the second client in their aromatherapy wrap and return to table one, where they now receive their 30-minute massage. My treatment room is big enough for two tables, but this is also an incredibly portable treatment and can be set up in any setting, including outcall.


Another option especially popular with men is back, feet, and scalp express services. Each includes exfoliation, a mask, and targeted massage work. You alternate between letting the mask work with one client while removing the mask and massage an area on the other client.


To make it special, I provide big fluffy robes and healthy refreshments so that they can enjoy their time together. Try it for a Father's Day Special but look for ways to utilize it throughout the year.

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