Bring on the Heat

The winter is upon us and throughout my clientele you can hear the refrain “the stones are back, the stones are back”! This is a yearly ritual that we look forward to as soon as the fall has been with us long enough to forget the scorching heat of summer. As soon as everyone starts being nostalgic for the heat I start my transition. I have always followed a seasonal rotation of my tools and allies.

From now until spring it is all about comfort. For example, the flavored water pitcher is retired and my hot tea set up with yummy herbal varieties is on the table. My indulgence bowl is emptied of mints and filled with ginger treats. All my tools and protocols are available and ready for duty all year long. Quarterly I assess what my clients are focused on and what is going on in their lives. Then I plan my specials to meet those priorities and needs. Comfort and restoration become a priority. And most important of all... the stone steamer is turned on at full power!

From this humble (restaurant equipment food warmer with removable pans) steamer, comes stones, hot packs, herbal balls, heated bamboo, warm towels, and herbal wraps. Every one of these items conveys a sense of comfort and healing on par with a good hug. In addition, my heated mitts, booties, and scalp warmers are back in full swing. Although a good friend and great therapist has turned me on to infra-red warmers. Thanks Wendy. What do y’all think about them?

My featured products get switched around as well. This is the time for Pomegranate and Cranberry to make its reappearance with Milk and Honey right around the corner. My fav, Polar Lotion, will take a backup position to the Muscle and Joint Relief Creme. And the various Muds will become superstars because they work so well with the heat. I will utilize them for hand/foot treatments, winter dry skin, and cranky joints/muscles and as a treatment for the dreaded itchy back.

Respiratory becomes a concern as well. As you probably know, airborne germs, viruses, and bacteria tend to float higher in the air in summer and lower (closer to us) in the winter. Air cleaners become more important. Besides the commercial machines, essential oils have proven to be quite helpful and pleasant to use for this. My favorite mix is tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemon. Start out with equal parts and then adjust to your preference. Use this on the underside of your face cradle, mix with distilled water and spray your floors, place in your rinse cycle for your linens...

To make it even simpler, use a pre-blended synergy like Purify or Muscle Comfort. The minute your clients come in contact with the smell they will feel safer. Remember aromatherapy is subtle. Your goal is to put them at ease not smell like a hospital ward. The bonus is that as you use the oils and products on your clients, you will receive the same benefits. There is a great balance in that, don’t you think?

Do good work, take care of yourself and write often.

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