Introduce spa and massage practice clients to the benefits of figwort


While figwort may not be the most pleasant sounding of names, don’t let that put you off using this healing herb in spa and massage client treatments. In the middle ages, figwort was considered a potent medicinal plant. Then it was known as the “scrofula plant” because it was used to treat scrofula, a type of tuberculosis of the lymph glands that formed lumps beneath the skin. The bulbous root of the figwort resembles the swollen glands – hence the name. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the herb was used for treating a range of swellings and tumors.


Today, figwort continues to be hailed for its healing properties. It is used topically to provide relief from chronic skin problems, irritations, and inflammation. It is sometimes applied directly to the skin for relief. Figwort also is highly regarded as a cleansing agent that supports the detoxification of the body. That’s why we have made figwort one of the key ingredients in BIOTONE Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap, a moisture-binding emollient that provides deep, lasting hydration and protection for the skin. It also contains active botanicals of wheat germ and Shea Butter glycerides, burdock, watercress, and Echinacea.


Treat your clients to the healing and cleansing benefits of figwort with our Sweet as Can Be treatment. It begins with lavish cinnamon-infused honey scrub to soften and smooth the skin. Then complete the experience with soothing Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap to hydrate and protect.



  • Sugar Body Polish (2 ounces)
  • Cinnamon Leaf EO (10 drops)
  • Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap (1 ½ ounce)



  • Rubber spa bowls (2)
  • Warm, moist hand towels (6)
  • Plastic Wrap (1)



  1. Mix Sugar Body Polish with 10 drops of Cinnamon Leaf EO in a rubber bowl.
  2. Apply an exfoliation treatment with Sugar Body Polish.
  3. Apply Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap in an even layer to each part of the body while quickly covering each area with plastic wrap. Cover the client with a towel to keep warm.
  4. While standing at the table's head, pull up all the layers of sheets, thermal wrap, and blankets, cocooning the client.
  5. Allow the client to rest for 15-20 minutes. This is an ideal time to incorporate an add-on face or foot massage.
  6. Remove plastic sheet, removing as much Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap as possible.
  7. Perform finishing treatment with a product that remains on the skin.
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