Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment “Tops” Off Massage to Enhance Relaxation

While it may not be as well known as the Macadamia nut, the Hawaiian Kukui nut has more stature in our 49th state. That's because the Kukui nut tree is the official state tree of Hawaii. The tree is one of a number of what are called “canoe plants” because the Polynesians brought the seeds with them in canoes when they first came to Hawaii.[1]

The tree is very symbolic to Hawaiians. The Kukui nut represents protection, peace, enlightenment and light. Kukui nuts are strung together in leis, which are standard adornment for many traditional Hawaiian events. [2]

Natural moisturizer

Produced by pressing oil from the Kukui nut, Kukui nut oil has been used for centuries in Hawaii as a natural moisturizer. It contains essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E, which are known antioxidants, to soothe and protect the skin from free-radical damage. The oil is easily absorbed by the deepest layers of the skin to form a protective barrier that protects skin against environmental damage. [3]

Kukui nut oil is commonly used as a massage oil.[4] It also has become a popular ingredient in shampoos, body scrubs and lip balms because of its superior moisturizing qualities.

Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment

This quick 10–15-minute add-on treatment pampers and releases tension, leaving the scalp richly nourished and the hair with a healthy shine. This scalp experience is deeply relaxing, meditative and luxurious. Revitalizing Massage Oil, which contains Hawaiian Kukui nut oil along with a few drops of essential oils may help treat a variety of scalp conditions.


  • Revitalizing Massage Oil…1/2 ounce
  • Essential Oil Recipe….2 drops to treat the following conditions:
  • Tea Tree: Dandruff
  • Rosemary: Stimulate Circulation
  • Geranium Rose: Balance
  • Lavender: Soother & Anti-itch
  • Peppermint: Cooling & Stimulating


  • Tipped applicator bottle
  • Plastic cap
  • Hot towel


  1. Preheat towel master/caddy to 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Mix Revitalizing Massage Oil with Essential Oil recipe. Place in tipped applicator bottle and warm product prior to application.
  3. Place client in the supine or reclined position.
  4. Part hair into 1-inch sections. Apply the warmed product sparingly to the scalp.
  5. Cover with a plastic cap and wrap with a hot towel.
  6. Let warm towel sit for approximately 10 minutes.
  7. Return to head and remove the towel and plastic cap.
  8. Gently rock the head back and forth to begin relaxation.
  9. Beginning at the temples with the fingers spread, massage the scalp in small circles. Continue this motion to the base of the neck. Repeat three times.
  10. Press firmly using fingertips, massage the skin and muscles of the scalp.
  11. Hold the hair at the roots and gently pull.
  12. Proceed with a thoroughly neck massage.
  13. Finish by massaging the ear lobes.


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