5 Reasons You Should Increase Your Water Intake ASAP
We all know that most of our body consists of water, we are familiar with the benefits of drinking plenty of it, and it’s one of the first changes people make when looking to improve their overall health. And yet we rarely do something to increase our water intake.

Most often that’s because we aren’t convinced enough of its magical advantages, to actually fit in a few more glasses of it during our busy day.

Here at True Results, we take skin hydration very seriously. With this article, I want to change your opinion and remind you of how life-changing water is, and why exactly you should start consuming more of it no later than today.

1. It’s the #1 survival tool humans need.

For a start, let me tell you why exactly you can’t go without water.

Every cell in our organism craves it. Around 60% of your body is water. It’s the main ingredient in the heart, bones, brain, skin, muscles and every single organ that’s so vital to functioning properly. The moment they are deprived of the amount of water they need on a daily basis, they suffer and can’t do their job well.

Even if you think you’re already drinking more than everyone around you, your most probably need more. For adults, that would be 3 liters for men, and​ ​around 2.2 for women​.

2. Dehydration has scary consequences.

Being dehydrated is bad for your health. And you don’t need to wait for symptoms such as dry mouth or increased thirst, in order to give your body more water. There are other signs of the lack of enough of it that we can notice in daily life.

These are dizziness, bad sleep, dry skin, not urinating often, being tired all day, struggling to concentrate and remember things. You need to monitor such things. Unfortunately, these symptoms are so common these days that people think it’s a result of the lifestyle (busyness, bad food, not enough sleep, etc.) But simply increasing your water intake may fix all that.

3. It makes us look and feel younger.

Our skin, being the largest organ in the body, needs even more water than the rest. So when it receives it, you’ll not only prevent having dry skin, but it will actually begin to glow.

Some say looks depends largely on the condition of your skin. And while you should moisturize and exfoliate on a regular basis and use natural products with retinol (like our​ ​Retinol Active Skincare System​), you also need to put enough water in your system so that you can be healing your skin from the inside too.

All that will give you the fresh look you’ve been waiting for. Other things that contribute to this effect are the facts that water removes bacteria from your body, and also gives you the energy you need to be productive all day.

4. Water clears our mind and improves our focus.

Increasing your water intake will help your brain work better.

Most people lack focus at work, often forget things during the day, let negative thoughts get to them which lowers their mood, get annoyed easily and can’t seem to solve problems when necessary. Well, more fluids in your body and brain can help you deal with all that better.

Once you get rid of dehydration, you’ll think more clearly, will get creative and productive, and finding focus won’t be impossible anymore. That leads to doing better work, managing your time more effectively, and reaching your goals in life faster.

5. Control your calories. Another amazing thing water does, when enough of it is consumed daily, is that it helps us to be naturally fit. Here are a few reasons for that:

-​​ Drinking more water keeps you full and you’re less likely to eat extra calories for the day;

-​ ​​​It’s proven​ to prevent long-tern weight gain;

-​ ​​​It speeds up your metabolism;

-​ ​​​Water gives you the energy your mind and muscles need to exercise regularly;

-​ ​​​When you drink plenty of water, you don’t need other beverages that only have calories.

How many glasses a day are you drinking? Think about what tiny symptoms of dehydration you might be seeing, and take the decision to always carry a bottle of water with you during the day.
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