5 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Spa or Massage practice

As business picks up, you want to keep the momentum going. But you may be feeling hesitant to spend a lot of money on marketing right now. The good news is that you don’t have to. There are a number of ways to get out the word about your spa or massage practice and not break the bank. Here are five:

Ask for referrals: Don’t hold back from asking your clients about referrals.  Most satisfied clients will be more than happy to send potential business your way. They just need to know that you are seeking to add more clients to provide referrals.  Also make sure that clients go to Yelp and other online review sites and leave your business a glowing review.

Window dressing: Don’t pass up the opportunity to attract clients with a highly captivating window display.  Start by picking a theme but be different. Don’t settle for the usual messages about spas and massage therapy.  Think about your clientele and come up with a theme that will appeal to them. Use your window display to convey the experience offered by a type of massage therapy or skin treatment.  Be bold with your colors and copy. Keep in mind that lighting can make a major difference, so experiment with different lighting to make sure you get the results you want.  Finally, update your window display often.

Collaborate locally: Find a complementary business and form a partnership for referrals as well as cross promotion.  For example, partner with a hair salon to give out gift certificates to your spa when someone spends a certain amount of money and vice versa. Offer business card drawings for a free service at each venue – a free cut at the hair salon and a free neck massage at your spa. Also, you can cross promote with a salon by showcasing your services at each other’s establishment.  Give out free neck messages at the hair salon; they can provide free consultations on color and cuts at your spa.

Think modular about materials: Create a customizable marketing piece with inserts so that you can assemble a piece based on your target audience. The packet would include a standard information sheet about your spa with separate inserts about skin treatments, massage and even at-home products. You also can create a basic brochure layout that has one main section with space for sections specific to target audiences. When you go to print, the standard section will remain the same but new copy can be typeset and stripped in to meet the needs of your different clients.

Guest blog:  Look for guest blog opportunities with business associates who blog or industry blogs that accept contributed pieces.  Use the blog to showcase your expertise. Once the blog is published, make sure to provide links on your social sites. If you send out emails to promote services and offer specials on treatments, include a mention of your published post with the link.

Ideas such as these indicate you can cost-effectively showcase your expertise and get out the word to customers and prospects.