Dialysis and Kidney Transplants – Does Massage Therapy Have a Role for your Diabetic Clients?

Listen and Learn as Ruth discusses the issue of dialysis and its effect on diabetic clients. Dialysis is the external filtering of blood when kidneys decline. She’ll share the “if and how” of massage therapy in this context. Ruth reviews different types of dialysis, and repercussions of this life-extending procedure. She’ll look at the transition from dialysis to kidney transplant, and the prognosis for the lucky individuals able to receive this gift. Some research has been done about various types of massage in dialysis centers—Gain insight into what your work can offer this very special population.

Ruth Werner, is a Massage industry Educator, Author, columnist and retired massage therapist who began her career in 1984. She’s an award winning NCBTMB-approved CE Provider, teaching Research, Pathology and related subjects internationally. Additionally Ruth is Author of A Massage Therapists Guide to Pathology now in its 7 edition, she’s Host of ABMP Podcast “I have a client who…” and a columnist for Massage and Bodywork magazine and Massage New Zealand.